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De’Longhi EN550BK1 Lattissima Nespresso Single Serve Espresso Maker

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De’Longhi EN550BK1 Lattissima is the best single serve coffee maker we’ve stumbled upon, period. It’s extremely fast, it’s powerful, and the price is just about right. Sure, this coffee brewer isn’t exactly cheap per se, but it’s a keeper, so you might want to consider it if you’re out on a search for the ultimate single serve coffee maker.

Concerning the features, De’Longhi EN550BK1 Lattissima comes supplied with a high-performance pressure pump (19-bars strong) that can whip the cream on your espressos with superior accuracy. It’s also pretty versatile – the six beverage buttons on this machine allow you to brew different kinds of beverages, including ristretto, long, cappuccino, hot milk, latte macchiato, and espresso.

De’Longhi also uses the exquisite automatic system, so it’s difficult to say what this coffee maker exactly is – it’s outfitted with features that are reserved for single serve coffee makers, but it also comes outfitted with a manifold of mechanisms that do most of the job for you.

Concerning the cleaning of this remarkable coffee maker, you don’t need to worry about it – the device is well-built, and most parts are removable, so you can clean them separately. There’s only one thing that you might not like so much about this coffee brewer, but it’s not actually a dealbreaker – the price.

De’Longhi EN550BK1 Lattissima is a single serve coffee maker that’s not exactly cheap, per se – now, most people could save up this kind of cash, but there are lots of other models that can do similar things for a smaller price. However, most coffee enthusiasts agree that Lattissima is one of the best series of De’Longhi products, so you shouldn’t settle for less if you’re a person who demands quality. All in all, this coffee machine holds a remarkable value, and it’s definitely worth the money.

Introduction – A word about coffee machines and systems

Everyone already knows that a warm cup of coffee is a synonym for a “good morning”. Some people like to brew their own coffee, some like it done in a more practical way, but we can settle for a statement that everyone likes coffee.

Now, since we live in a time where modern technology allows us to do everything in a simple way, it’s only obvious that the scientific branch expanded in the coffee industry. Coffee machines (or coffee systems) are contraptions that make our coffee automatically – or with a touch of a button, to be precise.

These machines come supplied with various features that allow you to customize the density, strength, and other qualities of your coffee. One of the main reasons why these machines came to be is practicality. We ought to take a look at the history of coffee makers in order to explain this.

The history of single serve coffee brewers

One of the first brands that used the design of “single serve coffee brewers” was Keurig. One of the founders of this exceptional brand, John Sylvan, recognized the problem that people had with some of the first “modern” coffee makers.

These problems included:

  • A long “warm-up” time

Single-Serve coffee maker predecessors took quite a while to warm up, and they couldn’t match the speed of these beautiful machines. This was not exactly a problem, but it was pretty inconvenient. It’s safe to say that modern coffee makers are at least ten times faster, and most models are able to get you a cup of coffee in minutes.

  • Making coffee in “a bulk”

Due to the manifold of problems, the earliest versions of coffee makers used to make coffee in bulks. Most of the time, these quantities were supposed to nourish an entire household, or a full floor in a business building. Needless to say, this is a certain way to get a bland-tasting coffee that can’t compare to those made by single-serve coffee makers.

  • Simple features

Simple features often mean that you can’t “customize” the outcome. This wasn’t a problem until the discovery of modern coffee makers who allowed the user to add cream to their coffee, milk, froth, and various other things.

Nowadays, we have a market that’s full of various manufacturers that offer a manifold of coffee making machines. A simple buyer would be puzzled (to say the least) when it comes to a choice between the products that are labeled as some of the best, and I’m here to make sure that you have all the relevant information that you need to decide if the best is really the best.

Difference Between Single Serve Coffee Makers & Other Types

We’ve already mentioned what a single serve coffee maker is, but you should know that there are other types of coffee systems. This section is dedicated to explaining different types of coffee systems, and how they perform when compared to single serve coffee machines.

Single Serve Coffee Makers Vs Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Single serve coffee machines are quite expensive – they cost more initially, the pods often need replacements, and the maintenance process can be quite tricky at times. Now, drip coffee machines are superior in terms of price, but they’re as good as single serve coffee makers when it comes to performance.

Our Recommendation:

People who don’t drink too much coffee per day should do better with a single serve coffee machine. If that’s not the case, you should definitely try out Drip Coffee machines. Also, people who don’t feel like spending a lot would fare better with the latter.

Single Serve Coffee Makers Vs Semi Automatic Espresso Makers

Semi-Automatics were invented back in the beginning of 40s by a barista named Gaggia. They’re pretty convenient, user-friendly, and they often come supplied with an 8-Bar pump. They’re not as powerful or fast as single serve machines, but they still require you to do some of the work. The punchline – Single serve machines are simpler to use, but they might not be as convenient as Semi-Automatic coffee systems.

Our Recommendation:

If you don’t mind paying extra buck, you should go with Single Serve coffee makers. However, semi-automatic coffee machines are far less expensive, but they require you to do some of the job yourself. It’s a matter of personal preference, really.

Single Serve Coffee Makers Vs Starbucks

One thing is certain – Starbucks coffee and coffee brewers are really, really expensive. Starbucks™ is a serious manufacturer that offers high-end coffee machines, and their prices can compare with most single serve coffee machines. The main difference is in the features – most single serve coffee machines are equipped with simple devices and mechanisms that allow you to easily get your coffee while Starbucks machines come outfitted with various outstanding features.

Our Recommendation:

If you like how Starbucks coffee tastes, you might want to consider owning one of their machines. However, you should keep in mind that their coffee is made by professional baristas, so you might need some time to get your coffee-making skills to a certain level before you could achieve their taste.

Single Serve coffee makers Vs Super Automatic coffee brewers

Super Automatic coffee machines should not be mixed with fully automatic ones. Automatic coffee machines dispense liquid (so you need to wait for the process to end), and you need to dose and grind your own coffee. Super Automatic machines, however, execute the entire process once you’ve set them up. The main difference between a Single Serve and a Super Automatic coffee brewer is that Super automatics are even simpler to use.

Our Recommendation:

Super Automatic coffee machines are best for people who don’t want to waste time while their coffee is being made. Simply push the button and get your coffee – if you agree with this statement, these machines are ideal for you.

Main Single Serve Coffee Maker Brands


Tassimo is a French beverage manufacturer that was introduced in the beginning of 2004 by Jacobs Douwe Egberts. They operate worldwide, and their coffee machines are great overall. They’re quite unique because their coffee machines use T-Discs (instead of regular K-Cups), and some of their best models are the Suprema (Red and Silver), and the Intermediate.


Keurig is the brand that was founded by John Sylvan and Peter Dragone. Their earliest work began in the beginning of early 90s, and they’ve improved their designs and models up to this day. They’re literally the inventors of K-Cup coffee machines and single serve coffee systems, so it’s only natural that most coffee enthusiasts already know a great deal about this remarkable brand. Some of their best models are K145, K155 Office PRO, K150, and K3000SE.


Nespresso™ (or Nestle Nespresso S.A.) is the brand that belongs to Nestle Group. They operate from Lausanne, Switzerland, and they’ve began their work in 1976. Eric Favre (which was an employee in the Nestle company) introduced the famous Nespresso system to the market. While Keurig machines use the K-Cups, Nespresso machines use their patented Nespresso capsules. Their most-famous series of products are the VertuoLine coffee systems.


Verismo is a brand name for one of the Starbucks™ partners. Their machines are excellent for home use or coffee shops. Verismo coffee machines use their patented Verismo pods which are, essentially, pretty similar to Keurig coffee pods. One of the best Verismo coffee brewing systems is the Verismo V Brewer – an excellent, affordable coffee machine that’s pretty fast and decently reliable.

What’s the difference between these brands?

The first notable difference between the brands I’ve mentioned is in the price. Some brands offer various models that belong to each price point category while some brands offer high-end coffee makers exclusively. There’s also a matter of performance, but (since these are the top names in the coffee brewer industry) it’s safe to say that they all offer premium-quality products.

The last thing I should mention is that some people generally like a certain type of coffee machines due to personal preference. Starbucks, for example, is one of the most reputable brands in the branch, and most people cling to their taste simply because they didn’t try out anything else. Now, it’s easy to deduce that everyone likes Keurig – these guys really put everything on the line when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers.

What’s the deal with Nespresso?

They’re famous, and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. Some people like a certain brand (or a certain coffee maker) because of intensive marketing, some because of a recommendation. That’s not the case here – Nespresso is genuinely great. Their products (including their machines, Nespresso pods, and Nespresso cups) are designed with great care, and most people fall in love with their coffee after their first cup.

It’s safe to say that some people can’t afford their products – they offer moderately priced and expensive items, so not everyone can save up that kind of cash. People who’re low on their budget often pay even more daily to enjoy a single cup of coffee because of its alluring, unique taste.

Types of Nespresso Machines

The list of Nespresso machines is vast, so I’ll keep it short and simple. Here are some of their finest models and a brief description of the most notable features:

  • Inissia – lightweight, compact, available in 7 colors, heats up in 25 seconds;
  • Nespresso U – automatically shuts down after 9 minutes of idleness, automatic capsule ejection;
  • Nespresso UMILK – an improved version of Nespresso’s U with added milk carafe;
  • Pixie – Ergonomic design, fast heat-up times, very fast, brews Lungo and Espresso coffee types;
  • Pixie Clips – an improved version of Nespresso’s Pixie;
  • Citiz – Beautiful, designed in a very straightforward manner, available in 5 different colors;
  • Citiz&Milk – an improved version of Nespresso’s Citiz with added milk carafe;
  • Prodigio – their first Bluetooth compatible Nespresso machine;
  • Lattissima – Advanced technology, simple design, a moderate price;
  • Lattissima pro – a professional version of Lattissima, ideal for coffee shops;
  • Maestria – advanced steampipe, superior machine range, fast heat-up times;

Why should you trust us?

Personally, I’ve tested and reviewed more than a hundred of coffee makers, including the budget ones, those machines that are decently affordable, and the high-end ones that are well above $1000. I’m also a coffee enthusiast myself, and I understand the problems that people have with their first coffee makers.

You should be aware that the price doesn’t always mean that a product is good, and vice versa. Some manufacturers deliberately keep them down because of a stiff competition while others pump them up because they are certain of the quality they offer.

Now, why should you trust us?

It’s pretty easy to write good things about a coffee maker, and it’s only normal that you have doubts when you see “the best”, “a great”, and similar things attached next to a product. We’re here to reveal our tricks of the trade, so that everyone can get the knowledge needed to distinguish good from bad, and perfect from mediocre.

The basics of single serve coffee makers – parts

First of all, you should know what a coffee maker is comprised of. The terminology of these machines is not common. In fact, it sounds quite scientific to people who are new to the whole thing. Now, a coffee maker is made of several parts:

  • A water reservoir

The water reservoir is the storage space of any coffee maker. It’s essentially a tank that holds the water needed for the brewing process. This part is connected to the carafe, and it is used to pour the exact amount of water into it during each process.

Most single-cup coffee makers are also supplied with a water level indicator. This is a very handy feature, as it makes sure that you never run out of water. One of the main differences in the design of various coffee makers is in the quantity of water that a tank can hold. The smallest coffee machines can hold up to approximately 20 ounces of water, but there are also machines that can hold up over a hundred.

  • A carafe

The carafe is a part where the coffee is made. Basically, the beans go through the filter and the filter basket, and straight into the carafe where the exact amount of water is poured, and later heated by the warming plate (or the heating element). The length, width, and the heat-retention properties should be taken into account when you decide if the carafe is any good.

  • The heating element/the warming plate

The warming plate is always found on the bottom of the base. It’s a simple plate that heats up and boils the water when you flip the switch. Now, some single-serve coffee makers are supplied with different heating elements that are found on the sides, or in the contraption itself. You should always consider how fast the heating element can actually heat up, as one of the greatest advantages of these coffee makers is the low heat-up times.

  • The filter and the filter basket

The filter is the place that filters the coffee beans and lets them through the filter basket. Each time you press the “on” switch, a smell mechanism lets a precise quantity of coffee beans into the carafe.

  • The lid

The lid is a sealing component which prevents the coffee beans from spilling when the process begins. Now, you may want to look up the dimensions of the lid when you choose your coffee maker, as there are some models that have a pretty small lid, so the cleaning process might be difficult for you in that case.

  • A manifold of switches

Simpler single-serve coffee makers come with a single on/off switch, but there are some delicate models that allow you to customize the outcome. These switches include the type of beverage, add cream, froth, and more.

How we tested

As I mentioned earlier, there is a great number of single serve coffee makers on the market, and it’s quite hard to determine which one is the best. I’ve tried out a dozen of them (including various Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, Keurig, Cuisine Art, Mr. Coffee models and more), and I’ve listened to what customers had to say about the models I couldn’t get to try out in person.

About the coffee machines I’ve tested

The best budget single serve coffee machine 

Yummy Sam’s 2-in-1 Single Serve Coffee maker

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One of the first single-serve coffee makers I had the opportunity to enjoy was the Yummy Sam’s Coffee Machine 2-in-1. It was a bargain, really, and I was pretty inexperienced back at the time I’ve purchased it, and I can say that it was quite valuable for the cash.

Nowadays, it’s available at a modest price of $40, it’s supplied with simple features, and I can’t say that it’s slow, but it isn’t too fast, actually. Most of the time, it took about 5-7 minutes to get a cup of coffee, but I really liked the cleaning part. We all hate washing dishes, but it’s not the problem with this one.

It features a simple design and a set of straightforward mechanisms. The mesh filter is reusable (which is great if you are as lazy as I am), and it features a simple method of operation.


  • A great price – this is one of the cheapest single serve coffee makers on the market, costing only $40;
  • Decently fast – it can get you a warm cup of coffee in approximately 5 minutes;
  • Simple to use – all you need to do is press the “on” button. Nothing too complicated;
  • A reusable filter – the paper filter can be used indefinitely;


  • A satisfactory taste – you can’t get too much out of this coffee maker. Nothing too extraordinary;

Who is it best for and why?

Yummy Sam’s coffee maker is extremely cheap and it features a simplified method of operation. People who don’t want to waste time on customization and specifics might like it a lot, but I recommend it to people who want to save some money.

It is also a great way to get acquainted with how single serve coffee makers work, so it might be best if you started out with this if you are out of cash.

What can you expect?

This coffee maker is great for the cash, but the taste of the coffee mainly depends on the blend you’re using. With standard coffee blend, you can expect your coffee to taste quite good.

Cleaning and maintenance?

Yummy Sam’s coffee machine is very easy to clean. Since it’s basically a cup and a pod, you won’t have too much trouble separating them and cleaning them in your dishwasher, or by hand. Most coffee machines are pretty big and delicate, and they require a lot of effort to clean, especially if they’re not washing machine-friendly. That’s not, however, the case with this single serve coffee maker.

Who else likes it?

Since this was the first single-serve coffee maker I ever had, I didn’t bother to look up what other people and sites had to say about it. Anyhow, I did some research since it I got attached to it pretty fast, and I had the feeling I didn’t use it in the way the manufacturer intended it.

Reviewcoffeemaker.com was the first site that I stumbled upon, and it shed some light on some details that I couldn’t grasp at the moment. For instance, the manufacturer never mentioned just how much liquid the cup can hold, how much power it consumes, and such. They described it as a simple coffee brewer that is pretty fast, and decently reliable. They also noted that it’s one of the best coffee brewers if you need a single cup of coffee fast.

Another site also did a good job on the research of this great coffee maker. Coffeemakerworld.net accentuates its simple and attractive design, and they point out the importance of its bargain price. They also label it as the “Perfect for a Coffee Lover”, which is, essentially, the same notion I had when I used it for the first time.

Best Performance coffee maker 

Keurig K250 Single Serve Coffee Maker

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A friend of mine owns this beautiful coffee maker, and I can say that it’s extremely capable. We’ve tried out various coffee blends and types, even some exotic coffee blends (Guano coffee, for example), but my overall experience can’t compare with any previous.

I had to ask about details immediately, but it was quite obvious to me when I heard “Keurig”. The beautiful design caught my eye even before I tried the coffee, and I spent about an hour examining this coffee maker in detail.

The water reservoir of this coffee maker can hold up to 40 ounces of water, which is neither too much, or too low. During our occasional get-together, the four of us could get a cup of coffee each before my friend needed to refill it.

The various K-cup sizes allow you to brew coffee at four, six, eight, or 10 ounces, and the carafe features the selectable 22, 26, and 30-ounce options. One of the best features of this single-serve coffee maker is the strength control. This feature should be used to specify the strength and boldness of your coffee.

All in all, Keurig’s K250 is an affordable single serve coffee maker that comes supplied with various handy features, but there are improved models in the same generation, such as K50, for example.


  • Extremely beautiful – Keurig’s K250 comes with a beautiful design, and you can get it in four different colors (Red, Turquoise, Violet, or White);
  • A large water tank – the water reservoir of this coffee maker can hold up to 40 ounces of water. It’s enough for 4 cups of coffee before a refill;
  • The strength control – this feature allows the user to specify the density and boldness of their coffee;


  • There are improved versions that belong to the same Keurig generation;

Who is it best for and why?

Keurig’s K250 is more expensive when compared to Yummy Sam’s coffee maker, but it still doesn’t belong to the high-end price point category. If you’re a coffee enthusiast and a person who demands quality, this might be a perfect coffee machine for you.

The beautiful design can decorate your kitchen, and it’s really not too heavy (0,75 pounds, to be precise), so you can put it wherever you want, whenever you want. If your household consists of four or more coffee drinkers, Keurig is here to make sure that everyone can get a warm cup of coffee in a single serving with the water reservoir that can hold up to 40 ounces.

The feature that will make any coffee enthusiast happy is the strength control. With as much as a simple touch of a button, you can specify the strength and the boldness of your coffee. If you’re a person that has problems waking up, simply get a strong one, and if you want to enjoy a milder coffee in the afternoon, that’s not a problem at all.

What can you expect?

It’s Keurig, so you can expect quite a lot. This brand is “responsible” for the best coffee machines on the market, and K250 is not an exception. Strength control, a spacious water tank, and a beautiful design are just some of the features that give this beautiful coffee maker its value.

Cleaning and Maintenance?

The cleaning process of Keurig’s K250 is extremely simple. Overall, the design is pretty simple, and the removable tray at the bottom of the base is used to catch drips, so that the cleaning is easy. The maintenance is also quite simple – just make sure you use this coffee maker from time to time, so that the mechanism doesn’t “rust”.

Who else likes it?

Most people feel a lot of excitement when they’re about to experience Keurig’s products for the first time, which was the case with the reporters at allaboutharts.wordpress.com. Keurig is a great brand that reinvented coffee makers, and introduced single-serve coffee makers to the market, so it’s quite obvious that people feel a certain dose of joy when they speak about it.

April Heart (the reporter for this site) states that she never used a Keurig model before, so she provides a full report that covers every single detail – from unboxing the K250 to the final verdict. Anyhow, you can see the whole report here, but I feel inclined to share the summary, in case that you don’t feel like reading the whole thing.

She mentions that this coffee brewer is excellent, well-built, that it “allows you to brew a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve cup”, and that it is quite outstanding overall.

Anyhow, consumerreports.org didn’t quite feel the way we did, and they labeled it as just above average. A total of three people didn’t like Keurig’s K250, but they mostly state that the customer service was “non-existent” or “unavailable”. This clearly doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the coffee maker itself, so it’s safe to say that it still holds a pretty great value for the cash.

Best versatile coffee maker

Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer

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This was my second coffee brewer, and I can say that it was more than worth the money. The thing I liked the most was the resemblance between it and the Yummy Sam’s coffee maker, as the cup looks almost the same.

Anyhow, that’s what piqued my interest when I decided that I needed a new one. Anyhow, here are the details. It’s essentially a split designed coffee maker, where you could use the serving cup or the carafe to get your coffee. The glass carafe is pretty large, and it could definitely stock up on a large quantity of water ( enough to fill up to 12 cups of coffee, to be exact).

This specific design is exactly why it’s so good, but there’s more. The reason why this coffee maker made it into the “best versatile” category is because it gives you a lot of opportunities to utilize it in various ways.  First of all, you could brew both coffee and tea at the same time. The carafe is big enough to make a whole pot for the entire household while those who prefer coffee can get theirs with the “single-serve” side.

The “single-serve” side of this coffee maker features a multilevel cup that is fully adjustable, so you could fit your own cups or mugs, whichever size they are. I had a lot of problems with my previous single-serve coffee maker (Yummy Sam) in the beginning, as I couldn’t exactly measure how big coffee I want. Sometimes it was too big, sometimes too small, but that’s not the issue with Hamilton Beach 49980A.

We’ve already seen what Keurig’s K250 can do, and I specifically aim at the “strength control” feature. Now, 49980A has a similar one – the Regular & Bold strength control option. Essentially, this feature does the exact same thing as Keurig’s K250 strength control.

You’d be thrilled with the programmable features this exquisite coffee maker comes supplied with. There’s a large display panel that’s outfitted with small buttons that let you customize the exact time when the brewing process should begin, up to twenty-four hours beforehand.  The automatic shutoff feature is a great energy saver – if this coffee maker goes idle for up to 2 hours, the machine shuts down automatically in order to save energy.

Who is it best for and why?

We’ve already made sure that you know just how vast the market of single-serve coffee maker is, but the vast majority of them is pretty cheap. Now, Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee brewer model does an amazing job for the cash, and you can get it online for approximately $50.

As with Yummy Sam’s coffee brewer, this coffee maker machine is also best for people who are down on cash, or for coffee enthusiasts who want to experiment with single-serve machines. It’s very capable, extremely affordable, and it boasts a great level of versatility.

What can you expect?

Yummy Sam’s coffee brewer is extremely easy to use, while that might not be the case with Hamilton Beach 49980A. It has a lot of features, options, and controls, and some people might not like this scientific method of operation.

However, you can use both sides simultaneously – brew different blends of coffee, tea, or whichever beverage you like, all at the same time. It isn’t that hard, actually, and in the case you have any trouble, you’ll get an instruction manual for detailed description on each feature.

Cleaning and maintenance?

The split design also means that you have to “split” the cleaning chore. You will need to clean and maintain the “carafe side” and the “single-serve” side, and it’s safe to say that this prolongs the cleaning process.

Who else likes it?

People like Hamilton Beach a lot, and there are various comments and reviews all around the Internet. One of the sites that got my attention before I made the purchase was coffeemakerpicks.com, and they did an amazing job describing every single feature, advantage, and benefit of this coffee maker.

Now, they invested quite a lot of time to explain how it works, the mechanisms, and the features, but they also state that the best feature is the split design. That’s actually the same reason why most people like this coffee brewer, but they didn’t say that this coffee maker is incredibly cheap.

The site that did the best job on reviewing this magnificent coffee machine was the bestdripcoffeemakers.net. You can read the full report and see for yourself, or you could just read my summary, it’s up to you. The reporters of this site covered all the features that Hamilton Beach’s 49980A is supplied with, alongside the pros and cons, but they also rated each field of performance separately. The overall rating is 4 out of 5, with the water tank capacity as the factor which had the most impact, and the looks being the factor with the least “stars”.

Our Pick

De’Longhi EN550BK1 Lattissima Nespresso Single Serve Espresso Maker

Check Price on Amazon

De’Longhi Lattissima is the best of the best, without a doubt. This coffee maker is a thing that you can see in the front rafts of every high-end shop that deals with coffee maker machines and systems, and there’s a very good reason for that.

This coffee machine is extremely powerful, and it features a high-performance pressure pumps of 19 bars, which means that your coffee, espresso, or any other beverage you want will be done in the matter of minutes. It’s also a great feature when it comes to frothing.

One of the greatest things about this coffee maker is its versatility – it comes outfitted with six beverage buttons which allow you to choose the type of beverage you want, and they include ristretto, hot milk, latte macchiato, espresso, cappuccino, and long. Even though it’s called an “automatic” system, it also belongs to the “single-serve” coffee machine systems.

Essentially, it’s a coffee brewer pod and the frothing compartment plus a manifold of highly versatile functions and settings. The things you might like involve the simplified method of operation, a spacious (and removable) milk carafe, the low heat-up time, and its power. The thing you won’t like is the price. It ranges from approximately $290 to above $300.

Who is it best for and why?

De’Longhi Lattissima is perfect for coffee shop owners primarily. It’s a beautiful, high-performance coffee system that’s highly capable of delivering rich-flavor coffee very fast, but it’s also very expensive. Alternatively, people with deep pockets would find it very valuable, but, sadly, not everyone can cash out such a great amount of money for a coffee machine.

What can you expect?

You can expect quite a lot from Lattissima. It’s able to give you a warm cup of coffee in the matter of minutes, it’s very versatile, but you should also expect to pay handsomely for it. Various beverage buttons, a high-performance pump, a spacious milk carafe – these features are the reason it costs this much.

Now, if you’ve already decided that the price is not an issue, you can also expect to keep this machine for a while. I’d say it’s irreplaceable, as it can easily compete with the high-end coffee makers from other categories – it’s built to last, and it’s made to shine.

Cleaning and maintenance?

The cleaning process of Lattissima is quite delicate, mostly because it’s quite large and it is comprised of various features that require your focus and attention. The only good thing about the maintenance process is the removable milk carafe. You can easily clean it after you’ve removed it, and you can even store it in your fridge when you’re not using this coffee machine.

Who else likes it?

Personally, I think this is the best coffee system of all time. Sure, there are models that are more expensive, and there are coffee systems that can do more, but their overall rating couldn’t match Lattissima’s. Now, I’ve spent quite a lot of time rummaging through what other people had to say about this great coffee machine, as I was intrigued by how inexpensive it was when we take into account all of the exquisite features it comes supplied with.

Trustedreviews.com seemed “trustworthy” after a couple of hours. The first thing I’ve noticed was a gallery of 26 pictures of this great coffee maker, along with a brief summary of pros, cons, and rating. The only thing I wouldn’t agree with them is the “cons” section, as it implies that the “water tank is tricky to refill”. Personally, I think that’s not the issue with Lattissima, but some people may agree.

The overall score of De’Longhi Lattissima is 4 out of 5 (according to trustedreviews.com), and I had the impression that they didn’t take the steep price into consideration (until the end of the review, when they mention it briefly under the “verdict” section). They put a heavy accent on the machine requiring “regular cleaning and maintenance” as a con. That’s pretty obvious, as it applies to most coffee machines, and I wouldn’t lower Lattissima’s rating over such a triviality.

Anyhow, the review goes on about the features, how great they are, the simplicity of use, and (mostly) the stuff that you can say about high-end coffee makers. Their final verdict on Lattissima states that it’s the “best way to save money when and cut your monthly café costs”.

I was under the impression that the last review was incomplete, so I had to look further, and the next side I stumbled upon was 1stincofee.com. Now, these guys put it plain and simple – the whole review was less than 1000 words long, and they put all the details you need in a simplified manner. They say that this coffee maker is a “space saver”, that it’s versatile, and that it does a pretty good bang for the buck.

Most of the times, I would disagree with a short review for a high-end product, but this was not the case here. I liked how they kept it simple, mainly because this approach is necessary when it comes to a great coffee machine that actually operates in a simple manner. The “detailed” review can be seen here.

 Runner up

Nespresso AGCC1 VertuoLine Evoluo Coffee and Espresso maker

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Our runner up is Nespresso’s VertuoLine espresso maker, and, before you make the assumption that it doesn’t belong to this category, take a look at its design. There are coffee maker models that belong to several categories, such is the case with this one. It’s a coffee maker system and a single-serve coffee brewer.

It includes the Aeroccino milk frother that works like a charm when it comes to speed and efficiency, doesn’t matter if you want your milk hot, cold, or mild. The Centrifusion technology is one of its best features, as it allows you to brew coffee, espresso, and other beverage types with a simple press on the button.

The capsule recognition is a feature that only newer coffee brewer models use, and it’s very useful when it comes to parametric brewing. Now, we’ve already mentioned that some coffee brewers have the auto shut-off feature. Nespresso’s VertuoLine shuts off after nine minutes. Most coffee brewers shut off after a couple of hours, so it’s safe to say that this coffee maker saves quite a lot of energy.

The heat up time is exceptional – only 15 seconds. Combined with the rest of the features, Nespresso’s VertuoLine holds quite a value for the price. It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s decently affordable.

Who is it best for and why?

Most people could save up $200 after a month or two, so VertuoLine isn’t reserved for any particular budget category. It’s decently versatile, quite powerful, and very fast, so any coffee enthusiast would find it to be pretty amazing.

What can you expect?

You can expect to have a wonderful time with this coffee machine. It’s pretty affordable (but definitely not cheap), it’s fast, and powerful, so you can enjoy your coffee in peace, without having to fret about the consistency of taste.

Cleaning and maintenance?

I can’t say for sure whether Nespresso’s VertuoLine is easy to clean or not. Basically, most of the parts are removable, so they aren’t too hard to clean and maintain, but there’s quite a lot of them. The capsules are easy to insert and eject, but there are 20 of them (if you bought the full package).

Who else likes it?

It’s pretty hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t like Nespresso’s VertuoLine. It’s a reputable brand that gained popularity because of their high-quality products, and it’s safe to say that this model is the pinnacle of their craftsmanship. The only reason why it’s a runner-up is because Lattissima won by a scratch.

Now, I was puzzled when I saw the first negative comment about Nespresso’s Lattissima on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and you might be wondering why I even went there. Oddly enough, they sell coffee makers alongside beds and baths, and they offer them cheap. Now, it’s quite obvious what people had to say about it in a negative way – it’s the price. Among the total of 14 reviews, only one was in a negative context, and it stated that this product is “fabulous”, but the price is not.

Others stated that they either “liked” or “loved” VertuoLine, which was to be expected. After a while, I encountered a second negative comment where the customer wasn’t satisfied with the milk frother. This particular person stated that the “Aeroccino is problematic”. After reading a full review, you will notice that this customer also mentions the pros of owning Nespresso’s VertuoLine, and they also recommended this product at the bottom of the comment section.

The site that shares a different opinion is the bestbuy.com. There is a total of 147 comments, reviews, and ratings, that are nearly all positive in nature, which gives the overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. People claim that the “strongest” pros of this coffee maker are the “easiness of use, the taste, the flavor, and the price”, while the greatest flaws are the “coffee pods”.