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Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother

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Breville is the brand that has a well-earned reputation for being the most reliable Kitchen Appliances manufacturer, so it’s only fitting that we picked one of their Milk frothers for our “Best Of” guide. Essentially, a milk frother shouldn’t be too complex, but you shouldn’t settle for a mediocre, overly-simplified product as well. Breville’s BMF600XL Milk Frother is the perfect combination of easy-to-use, beautiful milk frother which is capable of fulfilling your needs with ease.

The first thing that should catch your attention is the marvelous outward appearance of this exquisite milk frother – it’s decorated with a magnificent silver design, and it’s adorned with a simple slider button that governs all of the settings.

Needless to say, this milk frother is extremely durable, mainly because of the stainless steel construction. It weighs only 3,6 pounds, and it’s considered to be lightweight, and it’s safe to say that it’s quite compact, having the dimensions of a portable milk frother. The precise dimensions of Breville’s BMF600XL are 6”x6”x10.2”.

Now, this is one of the more versatile milk frothers, as it gives you the means to easily warm up your beverages, or create froth. The features “responsible” for this are the two frothing discs. One of these discs can be used to yield premium-quality froth while the other one can easily warm up your milk, tea, or any other liquid.

Considering the price, Breville’s BMF600XL belongs to the “moderate” price point category. You can get this milk frother at approximately $120, and it’s quite safe to say that it’s valuable for the cash. Sure, you can find a cheaper model that could be equally fast or get you the same amount of froth yield, but that just won’t be the same quality.

Introduction –A foreword about Milk Frothers

Milk is used in various types of beverages, and for a good reason too – it’s very rich in healthy ingredients, and it significantly adds to the flavor of the beverage’s base. Englishmen made tea with milk famous, for example, but we’re more interested in the mixture of coffee and milk.

Milk frothers are basically small contraptions and devices that help you get that nice, milky foam on top of your drinks. A good milk frother will offer you a lot of advantages and benefits:

  • Every coffee-type drink looks better with a nice foam on top

It goes without saying – every drink looks more appealing from the moment you put some milk froth on top. Essentially, that’s how espressos got famous – baristas all around the world have literally made coffee designing into a science.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’re probably a type of person who frequents various coffee shops, bars, and lounges. You might’ve noticed the difference in the outward appearance of your drinks depending on the barista that made it. Now, most people think that baristas with lower level of skill is responsible for “less attractive” foam, but that’s not necessarily true.

Most of the time, it’s the actual milk frother that does the work. Surely enough, how you use it will affect the outcome, but you can’t expect too much if you have budget tools at your disposal. A good-quality milk frother will never disappoint you, and you can expect to get rich foam every time.

  • Good Milk Frothers are excellent for beginners to practice on

This may sound a bit unconventional, but good milk frothers are actually excellent for beginners. Let’s put it this way – even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t mess up too bad. Premium milk frothing machines may be best for veteran baristas, but they are not reserved for them. If you’re down on cash, you could always practice your milk frothing skills on a budget machine, but you should steel yourself for possible disappointments.

  • High-End milk frothing machines aren’t exactly expensive

“High-end” is almost always a synonym for a thing which features a sky-high price. However, that’s not the case with milk frothers – budget milk frothing machines are usually a bargain while those that cost more are still affordable. In fact, you can get some of the best milk frothers for about $100.

The basics of Milk Frothers – Basic Barista Frothing Techniques

As I’ve mentioned earlier, milk frothing is “art” these days. There aren’t two baristas that make the same coffee, or the same milk froth, for that matter.

I’ve done a lot of research (since most baristas won’t share the secrets of their trade), and I’ve compiled a list of some basic frothing techniques you can use to make great froth using these wonderful machines:

  1. Be patient, before all else

Liquid becomes foam as the process of frothing begins, the volume increases, and the texture becomes thicker – most baristas call this process “stretching”. How “far” will you stretch your milk when you froth it will determine how good it will be, and for what beverages.

For instance, it’s much harder to make a mistake when making foam for cappuccinos, but it’s not the same case for lattes. Latte drinks are famous for latte art – the art of decorating the microfoam of this type of beverage.

Ideally, you shouldn’t stretch the surface of your milk by more than 50%. Of course, even if you do, you’ll get decent microfoam for any cappuccino, but you should try hitting the correct spot. If, however, the percentage reaches beyond 50%, you’re risking the ruination of your microfoam, so you might want to keep practicing being patient.

  1. Heating the milk

The ideal microfoam doesn’t accept any heated milk – you need to know the exact temperature and time. Ideally, you should heat the milk at 160 degrees F, but there isn’t a standard “heating time”, mainly because people use different tools (stoves, heaters, etc.) to heat their milk. You should always make sure that the volume of milk doesn’t change, and stop the heating process just before it.

  1. Pouring the microfoam

The pouring process is different, depending on the type of beverage you want to decorate with the milk froth. Even though the techniques and methods are different, there are still some standard rules you need to follow. For example, the froth should always sit for approximately 10-20 seconds before pouring, move and tilt the pour in various formations (depending on which shape you want).

For example, if you want a heart-shaped froth on top of your latte, you should move the froth pour right to the center, oscillating side by side from time to time. For a rosette-shaped froth, you should perform a similar motion, only in zig-zag formation (instead of oscillating).

About the Milk Frothers I’ve Tested

The best budget Milk Frother

Ivation Cordless Automatic Electric milk Frother & warmer

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Ivation’s Cordless automatic Milk Frother is definitely one of those kitchen appliances you need to have on your counter. It’s super cheap, it looks great, and it’s very easy to use. Now, this milk frothing machine also features an incredibly simple method of operation, mostly because its primary function is to produce hot, cold, or lukewarm milk froth for cappuccinos, hot chocolates, and lattes.

The “one-touch control” method of operation doesn’t require you to learn what each setting and option mean – there’s a button for everything you need. Ivation’s Cordless automatic Milk Frother features an extremely powerful heating element of 500 watts – this feature allows it to create creamy milk froth extremely fast.

As for the design, this milk frother is basically a beautiful stainless-steel cylinder with a heat resistant handle. It’s lightweight (weighing only 2.9 pounds) and compact (with the dimensions of 9,1”x6.2”x6.2”), so it won’t take up much of your counter space.

Wrapping it up, let’s talk money – Ivation’s Cordless automatic Milk Frother has made it into our “Best Milk Frother” list because of it. It belongs to the “affordable” price point category, and you can get yours for approximately $50. It comes supplied with a set of premium-quality features for the cash, and we can easily say that it’s quite valuable for the price.


  • Simple settings – the One-Touch controls and simple settings are one of the best things about the easy method of operation of Ivation’s Cordless Automatic Milk Frother;
  • A beautiful design – Ivation’s Milk Frother is a cylindrical stainless-steel frother with a beautiful outward appearance;
  • Easy to clean – the swivel base is detachable, so this Milk Frother is extremely easy to clean;
  • A great price – Ivation’s Cordless Automatic Milk Frother belongs to the “affordable” price point category;


  • It’s one of the budget milk frothers – the performance can’t compare to high-end models;

Who is it best for and why?

People who are down on cash would benefit the most from this Milk Frother. It’s decently cheap, and it comes outfitted with a set of high-quality features – all of that for a pocket change. Being under $50 gives this milk frother a substantial amount of value for the cash. On top of all, it’s very easy to clean, it’s fast, and it looks very beautiful.

Cleaning and Maintenance?

The stainless-steel construction of this milk frother makes it very easy to clean. Furthermore, the 360-degree swivel base is easily detachable, and the interior features non-stick materials. The only thing you need to worry about is the electricity (buttons, mostly), otherwise, you won’t have any problems with this milk frother.

Who else likes it?

Well, Ivation’s Cordless Automatic Milk Frother is pretty popular around the globe. It was featured on several top10 best milk frother lists (including Buythebest.com and Flipboard.com), but one of the most comprehensive reviews was made by HomeVerge – a coffee & beverage website.

Truth be told, people like this milk frother because it’s really cheap and because it does a good job for the cash – that’s essentially a quick summary of most reviews of this magnificent milk frother.

Best Performance Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

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Nespresso’s Aeroccino is very famous, and many people have had the opportunity to try delicious beverages from it. Essentially, it’s a beautiful Milk frother which boasts a high level of performance. It can hold a lot of liquid, it’s outfitted with various settings and features, and it comes supplied with a powerful and fast heating element that can get you your microfoam under 70 seconds.

Considering the design, Nespresso’s Aeroccino might be one of the most beautiful Milk Frothing machines on the market. It is colored in elegant black with a perfectly accurate finish, leaving a smooth surface.

The maximum hold capacity of Nespresso’s Aeroccino is 130 milliliters for froth preparation and 250 milliliters for milk preparation. You can prepare hot or cold froth for various beverages – cappuccinos, lattes, hot milk, hot chocolate, and more.

One of the best features of this magnificent machine is the level indicator. This feature lets you know when the milk level has reached the minimum (or maximum). You can use this to your advantage to avoid spill, and it also makes sure that you can’t start the process with insufficient milk.

Nespresso’s Aeroccino comes with a handy troubleshooting guide which helps you with some of the known issues – this milk frothing machine isn’t perfect, but you can avoid some of the major problems if you consult this manual.

If your Aeroccino doesn’t start, you need to make sure that the main switch is flipped to “ON”, that the jug is positioned correctly on the clean base, and that the correct whisk is used. If the milk froth has a yield of lesser quality, you need to make sure that you used semi-skimmed (and/or whole milk) at the correct temperature (6-8 degrees Celsius), that the jug was cleaned properly, and that you used the corresponding whisk, and so forth.


  • A troubleshooting guide – this manual will help you with some of the common issues;
  • An affordable price – Nespresso’s Aeroccino belongs to the “moderately expensive” price point category;
  • Easy to clean – The non-stick interior and detachable parts (base) make the cleaning process very easy;
  • Superior performance – this is one of the best Milk Frothers when it comes to performance. Great features, easy to use, and very reliable;


  • You can expect problems only if you don’t consult the manual – these problems include the milk overflow, the lesser quality of the milk froth, and the machine not starting;

Who is it best for and why?

Nespresso’s Aeroccino is not too expensive, but it’s not too cheap either. Most people who want a quality frothing machine would benefit greatly, but this frother isn’t exactly ideal for people who’re on a budget.

Cleaning and Maintenance?

With the non-stick interior surface, it’s easy to say that the cleaning process is very simple. After each frothing process, you’ll only have to clean the leftover froth residue, but that’s extremely simple. The base is detachable, which further simplifies the entire process.

Who else likes it?

The opinions are different when it comes to Nespresso’s Aeroccino. Some people aren’t too satisfied, and some professionals and coffee enthusiasts had a certain dose of negativity in their reviews. Williams Sonoma, a brand that deals with cookware, kitchen appliances, electrics, and cutlery, made a review of Nespresso’s Aeroccino. The review stated out the obvious facts, but the overall rating was 3.5/5. I can only speculate that the low rating was due to the high price.

Anyhow, the vast majority of reviews were positive, including the top10 and top5 lists that numbered Nespresso’s Aeroccino among their best 2 or best 3.

Best versatile Milk Frother

Capresso Froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother

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Capresso’s TEC Automatic Milk Frother is one of the Sci-Fi kitchen appliances, at least when it comes to design. It’s a compact milk frothing contraption that looks pretty small and neat, but it’s very versatile and reliable.

It features a stainless steel base, a heat-resistant handle, and a glass pitcher. This combination gives the beautiful outward appearance. Capresso’s TEC Automatic Milk Frother is dishwasher safe, and the milk pitcher is easily removable.

What are the features that make it versatile? The two frothing discs are your answers, as they are used for separate jobs simultaneously. One frothing disc is used for frothing while the other heats the milk and does the “stretching”.

This frothing machine is not as cheap as some milk frothers we’ve mentioned earlier, but its price is still not sky-high. It belongs to the “expensive” price point category, but it’s very valuable for the cash.


  • A beautiful outward appearance – the design of this milk frother is absolutely ravishing. The combination of stainless steel base, a heat-resistant handle, and the glass milk pitcher is fantastic;
  • Versatile functions – there are two frothing discs, three LED operating buttons, dual shut-off features, and more;
  • Fast and reliable – you can get your milk froth in a very short amount of time;


  • Quite expensive – Capresso’s TEC Automatic Milk frother belongs to the “expensive” price point category. Still valuable for the cash, though;

Who is it best for and why?

People who want the best and who have the cash to spend would benefit the most from Capresso’s TEC Automatic Milk Frother. It’s definitely not affordable for anyone, especially if we take into the consideration the fact that milk frothers aren’t exactly a necessity.

Cleaning and Maintenance?

The milk pitcher is detachable and it’s quite easy to clean, but there are a lot of features that require your attention. The cleaning and maintenance process aren’t exactly as easy as with some of the models we’ve mentioned (Nespresso’s Aeroccino, for example, is much easier to clean).

Who else likes it?

Capresso’s TEC Automatic Milk Frother found its place among various top10s and top100s. One of the most thorough reviews of this magnificent frothing machine can be seen on the WayFair’s website, as it covers both the Pros and Cons exceptionally.

Our Pick

Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother

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Breville is the all-time favorite when it comes to cookware, kitchen appliances, and countertop machines, so it’s only fitting that we chose some of their models for our “Best Of”. The Breville’s BFM600XL Milk Cafe Frother machine fits the description of the “best milk frother”, whichever way you look – it features a well-balanced design, a well-rounded performance level, but it costs quite a lot.


  • A simplified method of operation – there’s a single button that governs almost all of the functions of this milk frother;
  • Latte and Cappuccino frothing discs – you can choose which disc to use, depending on what beverage you want to make;
  • Induction heating technology – this is one of the safest heating elements;


  • Very expensive – Breville’s BMF600XL Milk Frother belongs to the top border of the “expensive” price point category;

Who is it best for and why?

The Breville’s BFM600XL Milk Cafe Frother machine is one of those machines that you want in your home, and you want it to stay there. It’s an investment that will definitely hit you on your pocket, but it’s worth it – the value it holds is exquisite. People who have a lot to spend should consider this frothing machine.

Cleaning and Maintenance?

The Breville’s BFM600XL Milk Cafe Frother machine is dishwasher safe, and the jug is removable. This makes the cleaning process extremely easy. However, the discs are quite delicate, so you might want to pay close attention when you perform your daily maintenance. All in all, BFM600XL Milk Café Frother is very easy to clean and maintain.

Who else likes it?

Bed, bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and various coffee enthusiasts around the world love Breville’s BFM600XL, and for a very good reason too – this milk frother is everything you need, and it’s simply better when compared to the rest. Most reports and reviews state that this is “the best milk frother of all time” and such. The negative criticism is almost completely obscure when it comes to this milk frother, and the only thing that bugs the people out is the steep price.