What is a percolator coffee maker?

A percolator is simply a pot used for brewing coffee. Now, you must be thinking: “Well, that sounds just like any regular pot“. But, actually, it isn’t. In this pot, coffee is repeatedly brewed by way of cycling near-boiling water that is seeped through the coffee grounds. Then the coffee and the water are infused. This process is usually repeated a couple of times, unit the desired flavor and intensity is achieved.

This process may seem a tad complicated and time-consuming, but the result is the perfect taste and intensity, just the way you like it. These coffee makers are very popular, especially at homes of passionate coffee lovers who don’t mind waiting for a few extra minutes in order to enjoy their coffee.  Coffee lovers who are in a search for the perfect taste use percolators, as this machine gives truly unique tasting coffee.

But, these pots aren’t that simple to use. Filters, various types of coffee, the process of brewing – you just cannot use this unit if you don’t know everything there is to know about it. It’s just how it is. So, if you want to have that luxury of drinking the most delicious coffee you’ve ever tried, first you’re going to have to learn a thing or two about percolators. In this article, we bring you all the things you need to know from a buyer’s guide to tips, to best percolator coffee makers, so stick with us.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to make an educated decision and get the best percolator coffee machine for you.

Our pick – Farberware Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

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This remarkable stainless steel coffee percolator isn’t just our favorite – it is a favorite at many homes around the world, being the best percolator in 2017. For those of you who are looking for a top notch percolator, this is the way to go. This model has everything a good percolator should have – sturdiness, quality, a permanent filter basket, and a large capacity. Plus, it is easy to use and comes at a reasonable price.

 Since it’s made of stainless steel, this unit offers extreme durability and sturdiness. Without a doubt, this percolator will last you for decades, if you take care of it properly. Speaking of care, the percolator is fully immersible and can be washed in the dishwasher. However, if you want it to last, we recommend hand washing it whenever it’s dirty.

As far as the capacity is concerned, this coffee maker is capable of making 8 cups at a time. This makes it ideal for big families or small offices.

Thanks to a permanent filter basket, you won’t have to spend money on buying paper filters. Plus, there won’t be coffee all over your stove and countertop.

This percolator makes a shiny yet elegant addition to any kitchen, as it has a mirror finish.

The feature that I really love about this coffee maker is a clear plastic knob. Thanks to that, I can enjoy the percolating process and also know when the coffee is ready.

In addition, the non-reactive interior won’t ruin the taste of the coffee, as it won’t absorb any unwanted odor or taste. Also, the interior is completely safe, compared to those made of aluminum, so you won’t have to worry about that.

However, a slight concern is that the coffee basket is a bit hard to clean. The coffee grounds tend to get stuck in the holes, so you really have to be patient when cleaning.

Overall, this percolator is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy every sip of coffee, the old-fashioned way.

Percolator Coffee Machines – types of coffee and filters

Types of coffee

Naturally, some types of coffee give better taste and texture than others, especially if you’re using a percolator. Because of that, it’s good to learn what types of coffee you should use in order to get that much-loved flavor.

The grind

When using a percolator, you should always choose a coarse grind. Ideally, your coffee should be freshly ground, for the most delicious results.

You can get whole bean coffee in supermarkets or you can grind coffee all by yourself. Either way, you want to get the coarsest coffee you can, since the filtering basket in a percolator is not that fine.

The Roast

Light, medium, and dark roast – which one to choose? Well, a light roast has a delicate flavor, which will be lost in the brewing process in a percolator. On the other hand, a dark roast will be too bitter after going through the percolating process. Which leaves us a medium roast – this one is perfect for a percolator since it will preserve its delicious flavor and won’t be too strong or too weak.

  • Indonesian coffee

If you are looking for the rich and full-bodied cup of coffee, then you should go with Sumatra. It is well-known for its dry, unique winey aftertaste with the subtle yet powerful aroma. This coffee is a good choice for a percolator because it won’t lose its flavor in the percolating process.

  • Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee is the favorite one for those who appreciates the rich flavor. With this type of coffee, you just can’t go wrong, as it gives full-bodied taste and the lovely texture, waking up all your senses.

  • Guatemala

Guatemala is one more choice if you love rich coffee. But, unlike Colombian coffee, this one will produce smoky, specific tasting coffee, and will create a one-of-a-kind flavor. You can choose medium Guatemala coffee or the one that is full-bodied, but we suggest you choose the second one, in order to get the best flavor possible.

  • Ethiopian coffee

In case you aren’t afraid of trying something different, go with Ethiopian coffee that is grown in the Sidamo area. This coffee gives unique, spicy flavor, with a bit of citrus aroma. As you can imagine, this coffee smells great, which is one more reason to try it.

  • Peruvian Coffee

If you’re not a fan of full-bodied coffee, then you will love Peruvian light-bodied coffee. It’s very delicious even though is light-bodied. There is a plethora of aroma to choose from so that you can enjoy the coffee even more.

Types of filters

Using a filter with a percolator isn’t necessary, but it does affect the taste and quality of the coffee. So, if you want the most delicious coffee, then you should use filters. Here are various types of filters that can be used in a coffee percolator.

Paper filters

These are most commonly used, mostly because of their price. These filters aren’t expensive, but you should choose quality ones. Otherwise, your coffee won’t be filtered. You can choose among white, natural brown and bamboo paper filters.


-removes oily components in coffee beans

-you can throw them away, after each use

-no cleanup

-can be decomposed

-no risk of bacterial growth, since you can use them only once


-delicate, need to be careful or they can burst

-can be used only once, obviously

Cloth filters

These filters are made of muslin fabric or natural cotton, which means you can buy organic filters and contribute to the environment.



-they produce bold and delicious coffee


-not very durable, since the cloth will wear out after three months

Permanent filters

As the name itself suggests, these filters can be reused. They are made of nylon or metal, so they are quite pricey. However, if you know how to use them and take care of them, you can use them for years. Which means, these filters will pay off in the long run.



-produce full-bodied flavor


-you have to wash them after every use, in order to preserve their effectiveness and quality

Finding the best filter and coffee for your percolator coffee machine

In case you don’t want to spend even more time on making your coffee (a percolator coffee machine will make your coffee in about 10 minutes, which is pretty long), you should consider buying a quality filter and medium roast or full-bodied coffee for your coffee percolator. On the other hand, if you have a poor quality filter, not only your coffee will taste bad, but the percolator coffee maker will take an eternity to make your coffee.

As mentioned, there are numerous types, strength, and tastes of coffee, so it’s up to you to experiment and find those that you will love the most. But, when it comes to choosing a filter for your coffee maker, you should take this seriously. Meaning, there is a limited number of filters, so you have to choose the one that will bring the best out of your percolator coffee machine.

We recommend you getting the permanent coffee filter as this filter provides good value for the money, and won’t let your machine down.

You can trust us                                 

People will always be a bit skeptical, especially when buying online and reading reviews about certain products. And, that’s totally okay. I mean, you should always be cautious and look for more information.

I am a passionate coffee lover, and there is nothing more enjoyable to me than making my favorite coffee and enjoying every sip. I have only had the chance to try and test our top pick, and I can say that I was very pleased with its performance. However, for the other reviews that you will read in this article, we had to do thorough research, including going through reviews and videos.

Now, we know what it means to enjoy your coffee and how hard actually is to find a good coffee maker, whether it be a percolator coffee maker or a regular one. Since we learned a lot about coffee and coffee makers in general, it can be safe to say that you can trust us. We are here to give you valuable information on percolator coffee makers, and it’s up to you to use wisely that knowledge and pick the best coffee maker for you.

So, in here you’ll find a lot of info on percolator coffee makers, including how to make your choice. Remember, we are on the same page.

The process of choosing best percolators     

As you can imagine, making a list of the best percolator coffee makers on the market is a pretty daunting task. After reading articles, reviews, and characteristics of products for hours and hours, I finally was able to come up with really quality coffee machines. I gave my best in order to make a diverse list, but also one that will give you trustworthy descriptions of the products. I didn’t have any desire in putting some flimsy models on the list, the ones that nobody needs. I chose the models that have lots of reviews (many positive and few negative) and detailed description of characteristics.

Best Percolator Coffee Machines Reviews         

So, without further ado, let us see why these products are considered good enough to fall under “Best percolator coffee machines in 2017” category. Of course, every product has good and bad sides, and we will talk about both them.

7. West Bend Stainless-Steel 12-Cup Percolator

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For those of you who want to take brewing coffee at the next level, this is the way to go. The West Bend Perk coffee maker is the perfect choice for making delicious, and flavorful coffee every time. It has a 12-cup capacity, therefore it’s ideal for big households, holidays, parties, etc.

Since this unit is made of stainless steel, it looks stunning. No doubt that it will make your kitchen vivid and elegant. But the looks is not all that this percolator has to offer you. In fact, it’s durable and makes top notch, so it won’t disappoint you.

Thanks to an automatic keep warm mode, you and your family can drink coffee whenever you want.

Stay-cool handle and the base make sure that your hands don’t get burned. In addition, the surface won’t be damaged due to the heat at the bottom.

In addition, cleaning the percolator will be a breeze. In case you aren’t sure how to use it, simply look for the videos or contact the seller. But, we believe that this article will give you enough info so that you can use this coffee maker with ease. Of course, practice makes it perfect!

Now, this product is not perfect. So, for the downside, this coffee machine comes with a very, very short cord, which is impractical.

To sum up, you will love this percolator, as it gets the job done, and looks very modern. You won’t regret buying it.

6. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Stainless-Steel Percolator

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One look at this Cuisinart coffee percolator is enough to realize that this machine is worth every penny. Thanks to its classic design and the combination of black and stainless steel this machine will make a great addition to your kitchen (and your friends and family will envy you behind closed doors).

This product is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It’s capable of making up to 12 cups of coffee. Because of a long and precise spout and comfortable handle, you won’t spill coffee all over the table. In fact, you will serve the coffee with confidence and with a smile on your face. Better yet, you will clean this unit with ease, thanks to its simple design.

Thanks to stainless steel interior, there won’t be strange smell or taste. Your coffee will taste great, each time, since this percolator delivers consistent results.

An indicator light will show when the coffee can be served, so you won’t have to stand there and wait for your coffee to be prepared.

The handy bottom is specifically designed to brew coffee without leaving any damage to the surfaces.

Like all this isn’t enough, this coffee percolator will be your only one since it’s that durable. It’s well built and sturdy, so there won’t be a need for buying other models. But, you can always buy one more of these.

On the downside, the grounds may sometimes end up in your coffee, so make sure to set the pot correctly.

Overall, this large-capacity percolator is ideal for anyone who loves company when drinking coffee. Also, this model is great for those of you who appreciate style and love kitchen appliances that will make their kitchen look fabulous.

5. GSI Outdoors Percolator

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Is there anything better than drinking coffee in the middle of fields or woods while enjoying breathtaking landscapes around you? Yes, there is – drinking percolated coffee! For all of you adventurists out there, this GSI Outdoors Percolator is a real deal. Camping and connecting with nature has never been easier than now! You will simply love everything about this little machine, from its color to its performance and practicality – which is why it’s one of the best models on the market.

This handy outdoors percolator gives you the chance to enjoy coffee time with your friends and family, no matter where you are. It’s easy to store and takes up little space. Its 8-cup capacity is more than enough for spending the day outside, whether it be in the park, in the woods, or on the beach.

You can choose between red and blue and perk your coffee in style! The clear knob on top of the lid allows you to check on your coffee, in order not to ruin its taste. You can use filters to make the most out of this percolator. However, do keep in mind that this percolator is somewhat awkward and difficult to clean.

This model is versatile so you can use it to prepare tea, or boil water for soup, as well.

The icing on the cake is the great price – this model is definitely worth your money.

So, all in all, with this remarkable coffee perk you won’t be disappointed.

4. Hamilton Beach 40614 Coffee Percolator

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Here we have a percolator from Hamilton Beach – stylish, durable, simple to use and powerful. As you can see, this model is on this list for good reasons. Now let’s take a closer look at the features of this model.

Made of stainless steel, this perk coffee maker looks and performs amazingly. It’s a good choice for people who love drinking rich coffee and don’t mind waiting for it. Thanks to a useful light indicator, you won’t have to guess whether the coffee is ready. Speaking of knowing when your coffee has the faultless taste, the coffee viewing window will make overseeing a whole lot easier, as you will know the intensity of coffee just by looking at the top of the pot.

No-drip spout guarantees easy sipping of coffee and the cool-touch handle ensures your hands’ safety.

Also, the unit is easy to clean, as it’s made of stainless steel.

The keep warm function, detachable cord, and stainless steel filter basket only add up to the functionality and great performance of this unit.

The not so good side about this percolator is that it’s a bit noisy. This can be a problem, especially when making coffee early in the morning because you might wake up your little ones.

Overall, this model makes easy work of creating the perfect coffee.

3. Capresso Perk Coffee Maker

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In case you don’t mind spending more money in order to buy a high-quality Perk coffee maker, then this one might be just the thing you need. It’s ideal for parties, and people who drink A LOT of coffee (like, really a lot).

This model is pretty big, as it can brew 4 to 12 cups of coffee at the same time. What we love about this coffee maker is that it brews coffee faster than other models on the list. So, for those of you who always wanted to try percolated coffee but you aren’t patient at all, you should go with this machine. This machine will make one cup of coffee in less than a minute. How cool is that?

In addition, a handy view-through glass lid allows you to oversee the percolating process, in order to get the coffee of perfect intensity and flavor. Plus, there is an automatic keep warm function so that you can have another cup of coffee after a while.

The base will isolate heat, therefore, it’s safe for the countertop and tables.

The cord can be detached, which is quite handy, especially when you don’t have much space in the kitchen.

Thanks to ergonomic stay-cool handle, you won’t have to worry about burning your hands. Plus, dedicated spout makes

As for the downfall, this unit makes a bit weaker coffee, probably because it’s so fast. But, if you love light-bodied coffee, this won’t be a problem. Also, this percolator is expensive.

2. Presto 02822 Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

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This model comes from Presto and is one of the best electric coffee percolators out there. If you don’t need/want a large-capacity percolator, but rather the one that is smaller, then you will appreciate the performance, capacity, and size of this coffee percolator.

First, this coffee percolator is made of stainless steel and looks really stylish. What also contribute to the great looks are a cool-touch knob and handle. In addition, they are also functional.

No need to worry about the pot leaving stains on the countertop, or damaging it since the bottom will stay cool.

An indicator light will let you know when your coffee is ready, and drip-free spout makes serving a whole lot easier.

This percolator has 500-watt and can brew two to six cups of coffee. It works great and will create perfect coffee over and over and over again. In case you don’t want to drink your coffee right away, you will appreciate keep-warm mode that will keep your coffee warm (obviously).

Thanks to its useful size, this model won’t take up a lot of space on the countertop, thus it’s great for small kitchens.

As for the downside, this coffee percolator has a very short cord, which can be a bit irritating, especially if you don’t have too many free outlets in your kitchen.

However, this model is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t plan to carry the percolator on a picnic but rather want to enjoy the impeccable taste of coffee from the comfort of their home.

1. Our pick  – Farberware Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

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And we came to the best percolator that money can buy. If you’re looking for a high-quality percolator, so that you can finally enjoy rich, full-bodied coffee, you will absolutely love this product. Coming from Farberware, this percolator is worth every penny. It’s durable, reliable, easy to use and maintain, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Let’s see what this little guy has to offer.

First, durability. Made of stainless steel, this model excels in durability and functionality. You won’t have to buy another percolator for decades because this one is just that good.

Moreover, the coffee that it produces is even better, and it’s reason enough why you should get this percolator. Thanks to the permanent filter basket and the power of this machine, you’ll fall in love with the coffee the second you try it. In addition, the non-reactive interior will prevent the coffee from absorbing the bad taste or smell. You won’t ever again go back to a regular process of brewing coffee.

Also, this unit offers a large capacity, as it can make 4 – 8 cups of coffee in one go.

Since the unit is fully immersible, cleaning will be a breeze. Even though it is dishwasher safe, you shouldn’t clean it that way, as this may decrease its quality and durability.

On the downside, the filter basket is complicated to clean, as it has a lot of holes where the coffee gets stuck.

But, considering its remarkable features, it’s not surprising that this percolator coffee maker is the best one on the market.

How to choose a good percolator   


First, you need to decide whether you want an electric percolator or a stove top one. Obviously, the first one gives more convenience, as you won’t have to stand there and watch for coffee. It’s simpler to use and ideal for those who don’t want to wait for too long. Also, most models will automatically turn off in order to preserve the perfection of coffee.

But, keep in mind that you cannot use an electric percolator when you’re on a picnic, or in those situations when your home doesn’t have the power supply. Now, that’s where a stove top percolator comes in handy. With this one, you have the possibility to drink coffee in off-grid situations. It can be used on a classic stove, on a gas or wood stove – which means you’ll have a lot of options to brew your coffee.


Another most important thing is the capacity of a percolator. For how many people will you be making coffee? These coffee machines come in a variety of sizes, including a 2-cup capacity and even a 12-cup capacity. In case you will be making coffee only for yourself, you should go with a small-capacity percolator, it will get the job done and you won’t have to spend a great deal of money.

But, for those of you who live in a big household or who makes dinner parties often, you’ll definitely need a percolator that can make many cups of coffee in one go.


When it comes to material, we advise you to choose a stainless steel percolator. Why? Because this one is sure to last as it won’t break. Plus, it looks great and will add a nice touch to your stove and kitchen.


Have you ever drink coffee that has a strange taste? That’s probably because coffee is brewed in a cookware that has a reactive interior. That means, that the interior will absorb undesirable odor and taste, so your coffee won’t taste so great. That’s why you have to choose a percolator that won’t spoil the taste of coffee but will enhance it. Look for the one that features a nonreactive interior.

Easy to clean

Unless you want to spend a whole day cleaning a percolator, look for the one that is a breeze to clean. Meaning, it is fully immersible and can be washed in the dishwasher. Even if you have to hand wash it, choose the one that doesn’t have a delicate interior, otherwise, you may ruin the interior which will have a bad impact on coffee’s taste.


Most of the percolators aren’t used only for brewing coffee. So, if you plan to make tea, different types of coffee, boil water, etc. then make sure you get a versatile percolator.

Ease of use

Even though using a percolator isn’t a rocket science, it still takes skills and practice in order to make idea coffee. Naturally, some models are easier to use than others, so keep that in mind when buying.


Now, how much are you willing to pay for a good percolator? Whether you’re on a budget or want to spend a fortune, remember to carefully read description and reviews of a percolator. According to that, you’ll see whether the unit is worth your money or not.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you’ve gone through the article, you are completely ready to make a smart decision and buy the best percolator for your needs. Do keep in mind all the things we mentioned on how to choose the coffee and the machine itself, and you will be satisfied with the purchase. Just so you know, finding the perfect percolator is not an easy task, therefore take your time and check all the options available. That way, you won’t rush into buying and risk to make a wrong choice. Trust us, being patient will pay off, because you’ll fall in love with the percolator, as soon you as you find it.

FAQ about Percolator coffee machines

Since using a percolator is rare today, due to all those various coffee machines on the market, it’s understandable why those who have decided to give it a try have a lot of questions. Hopefully, this part of the article will help you get a better understanding of these machines.

Q: What are the advantages of a percolator?

A: The taste and intensity are perfect, so you get coffee much better than the one made in the French press or a traditional “drip” machine.

Also, non-electric percolators are ideal for a picnic, BBQ, and camping. Is there anything better than enjoying a cup of coffee on your day off?

Q: How much coffee should I use?

A: For each cup of coffee you should you one tablespoon of ground coffee. Just to point out that a cup of coffee refers to four ounces of coffee.

Q: Do I have to use filters for a percolator?

A: Well, you don’t have to, since the coffee ground basket works as a filter. The only thing you need to do after brewing your coffee is to empty the basket and wash it after each use.

However, in case you have high cholesterol or simply want to live healthier, consider buying paper filters or inexpensive drip coffee filters for your coffee percolator.

Coffee contains cafestol, which is a stimulator of the bad cholesterol. When filtering coffee, the paper will absorb the better part of cafestol, so you won’t have to worry about your health. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you should drink too much coffee because this will have a negative impact on your overall health.

Q: Is percolated coffee bitter?

A: Yes, IF you don’t know how to use a percolator coffee maker. So, before trying to make your very first percolated coffee, make sure to read the instructions or check out some how-to videos.  This will give you a better understanding of what to expect from your percolator.

Q: Can I reheat percolated coffee?

A: Yes, you can do that, but we would not recommend that. As we mentioned, the coffee will undertake the percolating process a couple of times, which is more than enough. So, if you want to reheat it, you will probably ruin its flavor as it may get too bitter.

Q: I’ve been waiting for my coffee to brew around 10 minutes. Is that okay?

A: Don’t worry, this is completely normal for a coffee percolator, due to its unique brewing process. Just be patient and wait for your coffee to be finished, so that you can enjoy its exceptional flavor.

Q: How will I know when my coffee is ready?

A: Most coffee percolators come with a knob on the top. This means that when coffee starts boiling, you will be able to see its color, which will indicate the intensity of coffee, so you’ll know when you can turn off the percolator.

Q: Is a coffee percolator complicated to clean?

 A: Well, that depends on the design of the percolator and its material. For example, some percolators have an awkward spout which can be hard to clean, and some models are very simple to clean, especially if they are fully immersible. Also, some percolators can be washed in the dishwasher which makes cleaning a piece of cake. However, as mentioned, we do not recommend this method of cleaning, since it can decrease the quality of the percolator coffee machine (which certainly is not something you would want). So, make sure to choose a percolator that is simple to clean.

Q: Can I make only one cup of coffee in a coffee percolator?

A: A percolator coffee machine is usually meant for brewing more than one cup of coffee. There are models with 2 – 4 cup of coffee capacity, while others can make from 4 – 12 cups of coffee. But, quality percolators also comes with a keep warm mode, so that you can make two cups of coffee and drink the second one later.