What Came First the Nespresso or the Keurig?

The Nespresso Machine and the Keurig probably were prototypes in laboratories at around the same time, but it was the Nespresso that was launched in 1986—giving the espresso market an entirely new and advanced machine for at home use.

Before the launch, most people could only enjoy the benefits and deliciousness of an espresso at a coffee shop—but Nespresso claimed to make anyone a skilled barista by doing all the hard work for you.

Nespresso is so adamant about having the best coffee that only 1 to 2 percent of coffee crops pass their high expectations. They were also the first roast and ground coffee brand to achieve global status, and it’s not difficult to see why they are rated the best time and again!

What Makes the Nespresso Machine Unique?

The Nespresso teams prides themselves in personal customization and variety—they’re constantly coming up with new ideas and various flavors so they’re customers will continue to be loyal to their brand. I’m sure they do get a little enjoyment from testing new flavors out as well! All of these flavors are packed into the brand’s special capsules. The machine is unique to all other machines in this aspect—besides of course the similar K-Cup but even that doesn’t compare to the Nespresso capsules.

There are 19 different coffee capsules to choose from so you’ll find that perfect coffee beverage that you’ve been craving. What really makes the Nespresso brand different though are the various machines that can achieve any consumer requirement. There are 5 ranges of Nespresso machines:

#1: Essenza

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This machine is small, easy to operate and combines these two factors with the machine’s own simplicity to make a perfect drink every time.

#2: Pixie

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The Pixie is known for its convenience—it’s part of the SMART model range and combines advanced, specialized features in a tiny machine.

#3: Citiz

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The Citiz is the urban SMART machine—designed to please modern coffee lovers and those that appreciate the past. It’s a union that brings together modern technology and a retro design.

#4: Lattissma

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If you’re looking for a machine that allows you to drink your coffee with fresh milk than this one will appeal to you. It serves machiattos, lattes and anything in between at the touch of a single button.

#5: Maestria

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The Maestria embodies the coffee-making ritual that many people have come to appreciate—it does this in a way that is of course completely original to Nespresso. You’ll feel like there’s a barista serving you a beverage every time.

A Guide to Nespresso Capsules

The Nespresso Capsules are one of the most important features of the machine! We already know that there are 19 various choices, but we don’t know what the function of each one is. First we’ll have to talk about the different types of capsules—there are four to be exact:

Espresso Capsules—high-standard, traditional coffee used by most coffee drinkers. It’s generally required for a “shorter” coffee and can come in a variety of strengths. There are six different Espresso capsules in the Nespresso collection.

Pure Origine Capsules—Essentially Espress but uses a special variety that’s able to be traced back to a single place of origin. There are three Pure Origine capsule choices.

Lungo Capsules—made for a “taller” coffee drink and designed to use twice the amount of water as an espresso—but not quite the amount of water of an Americano drink. There are also three capsule choices for Lungo.

Decaffeinato Capsules—This is for a decaffeinated beverage and varies in intensity. There are three choices for capsules.

EspressosPure OrigineLungoDecaffeinato
RistrettoDulsaoLinizio LungoDecaffeinato Intenso
ArpeggioRosabayaVivalto LungoDecaffeinato
RomaIndriyaFortissio LungoDecaffeinato Lungo

What are Some Cons of Switching to a Nespresso?

I have to say that one con of any single-serve machine like the Nespresso or the Keurig is that you have less control over your coffee—that means that you’re going to be letting the machine handle all of the work. If you’re advanced at making a great espresso you might know how important it is to be in charge of the variables of making the perfect cup. A machine will never be able to replace someone that is skilled at making a great espresso.

There’s also the idea that you’re now going to have to be commited to using the capsules, and there’s no way out of that commitment. You’ve spent a good deal of money for a Nespresso so you’re going to have to be loyal to the capsule that it requires now. You’ll always want to make sure the coffee machine brand you buy comes with a good variety because otherwise you’ll be stuck regretting having to rely on the capsule or pods that the machine requires.

You’ll also have to consider that you’re spending a lot more money for less coffee—if this doesn’t bother you and you don’t mind losing out on the variety of fresh beans you could obtain otherwise this could be the perfect answer!

How Are the Brewing Techniques of Other Machines Different?

The Nespresso is simple—you add a capsule designated for the machine, add water and at the push of a button you’ll be surprised with a delicious beverage. It’s similar to a Keurig but specializes in espresso drinks; we hate to admit it but the Nespresso makes a much better flavored coffee drink if you’re looking for versatility as far as adding milk to your drinks.

It’s far different from something like a percolator because you won’t get that bitter taste that most users of this machine crave. The percolator is more about nostalgia than anything else, but it has a strong following. The Nespresso focuses on simplicity and convenience, but the percolator takes a bit of practice to get used to since the condensation from the water has to circulate through the machine multiple times to produce your coffee—you also have to show patience with this machine, and the Nespresso was made for the impatient coffee drinkers.

Is the Flavor of the Coffee from a Nespresso Different?

There have been multiple taste tests conducted for various capsule and pod machines and Nespresso always comes out on top. There’s no doubt that when it comes to a convenient espresso machine this one takes the cake, but will it make a perfect espresso every time?

That’s dependent on many things—the kind of capsule you buy, how much water you put in and whether or not the machine gets the right amount of pressure but for the most part the espresso produced from this machine hits the mark almost, if not every time. If you like a smooth tasting espresso that doesn’t have a harsh or bitter flavor than the Nespresso is the perfect solution.

You can even add your own coffee grounds from your favorite roastery now, but you’ll have to be careful to pack the grounds tightly and make sure that they work for your machine. If you’re looking for a reusable Nespresso capsule check out the OriginalLine Compatible set of two for $34.99.

Is a Nespresso Machine in My Budget?

The Nespresso machine does not come with a cheap price tag—I suppose as far as espresso machines go the price is reasonable. The least expensive alternative for the brand still begins at $140 and the most expensive model costs over $400.

You will also have to factor in the cost of capsules for your machine, which a 30 count costs around $25—you’ll be spending around $1 per drink, but that’s far cheaper than running to the nearest Starbucks or any other coffee shop and paying $4 for an espresso. You might save money in the long run, but it depends on how often you’re drinking coffee made by a barista. The machines are well worth their money and can save you time as well so it depends on your budget and if you have extra money for the capsules each week.

Is the Nespresso Truly a Coffee Machine for Everyone?

The Nespresso brand is known for its variety—it works with many top-of-the-line companies to help produce amazing, quality machines that will last. They also have an amazing customer service group that handles any problems quickly and efficiently.

The ease to use the machine should also appeal to coffee lovers; especially those that love espresso because it’s one of the most difficult drinks to learn to make. It can take years to perfect the crema on top and Nespresso’s machines can make it simpler.

We do have to say that the cost of the machine as compared to any of the other alternatives is steep, but it may be worth it for someone that only occasionally drinks an espresso or flavored drink. There’s also quite a range of machine models that can fit any requirement.

Top 3 Nespresso Machines

Best Budget Choice

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

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Price: Ranges in price from $81.58 to $149.99

Lowest Price: $81.58 on Amazon

Features: Least expensive model and energy-efficient

Cons: Inconsistency in the auto pour feature

Colors: Black, Red, Silver and Titan

This budget-friendly Nespresso model should be the frontrunner for espresso fanatics because it’s compact and looks great. It also features an automatic shut-off after 9 minutes so you won’t have to remember shutting off the machine before you leave the house anymore. The machine also heats up really quickly—25 seconds and the machine will be ready to brew.

The machine also comes with a removable 24 ounce water tank that can easily be cleaned and removed for the perfect cup of espresso every time! We also enjoy the variety of colors that you can choose from and the price tag that ensures we’ll get a quality espresso every time.

Best Overall Choice

DeLonghi Lattissima Plus

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Price: Ranges in price from $279.95 to $549.99

Lowest Price: $279.95 on Amazon

Features: Manual milk container rinsing function and removable milk container to store in fridge overnight

Cons: Expensive cost

Colors: Black, White, Red and Stainless Steel

The Nespresso Lattissima machine by DeLonghi is one of our favorites on the market. If you love latte style drinks that are milk based than there’s no better machine out there—that’s both easy to use and simple to clean. Machines that allow you to use milk are usually difficult to clean and they don’t produce the best tasting products, but this machine far exceeds most people’s expectations.

It doesn’t come cheap but it heats up quickly and froths the milk—making it automatically drip into your cup perfectly each time. We also like that the container with the milk can be removed and placed into your fridge so it doesn’t spoil—the pods produce a delicious cup of coffee and the milk turns it into the perfect flavored drink every time.

Best Premium Choice

Breville Creatista Plus

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Price: Ranges in price from $418.96 to $599.95

Lowest Price: $418.96 on Amazon

Features: 19-bar pump, automatic milk frother and easy to read screen

Cons: The espresso tray feels flimsy

Colors: Silver

If you don’t have the money to hire a full-time live in barista this is as good as it’s going to get. The Creatista is a master at making the perfect crema every time, and even allows the user to control the amount that goes into their drink. This was a sought after feature and since its introduction we’ll have to agree that we may never be able to go back to the old way again.

The Creatista not only looks beautiful but it works like a charm—it’s easy to use and has an easy to read screen that can allow the user to make whatever beverage their heart desires. If you feel like an americano; the machine will happily create one for you.

This machine also warms up much faster than the other Nespresso models—it claims to heat up at 3 seconds but we suggest waiting until around 10 seconds to start brewing your favorite drink. It can also make three espresso sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. The volume can be adjusted based on how large or small you like your drink—press the select button and turn the dial to increase the volume—it has never been more simple than that to get exactly what you want from a Nespresso machine.

Brewing Guide: Tips and Tricks for the Nespresso

  1. If you’ve never used the machine before a great place to start is by reading the directions—but if you have used it then we’ll keep it simple. You’ll choose a pre-measured capsule from the package that you bought at the store. Each capsule is pre-measured with coffee to ensure the perfect amount.
  2. There are a wide variety of choices for Nespresso machines to choose from—19 capsule varieties should give you plenty of options.
  3. One you have purchased your favorite pack of capsules, you’ll open the box and remove one capsule to gently insert it in the machine.
  4. Make sure the water reservoir is filled up and if your model requires milk add it to the other reservoir attached to the machine.
  5. Now that you have filled everything up with the required liquid you will wait until the button lights up and lets you know the machine is ready to brew your drink.
  6. Choose whether you would like an Espresso or Lungo and then wait patiently as the machine begins to brew.
  7. The machine will automatically use as much water as is needed for your desired drink.
  8. Now all you have to do is wait a few seconds and you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious tasting beverage within a few seconds! Enjoy your warm delicious espresso!

Pro Tip: Some Nespresso machines allow you to add milk to your drink—now this gives you the ability to create delicious milk-based drinks but  it’s also incredibly messy. One user gave us the idea of taking a milk jug and placing it under the wand if your machine has a built-in wand to eliminate the hassle of clean-up and make sure your milk doesn’t spoil.

  • The Nespresso is a talented machine for good reason! Why should we have to have a separate coffee maker for a cup of coffee? First, brew a shot of espresso and serve it in a regular-sized cup. Remove the used capsule and then run hot water through the machine and into the cup—this will give you an Americano. It’s not exactly as strong as a coffee, but it’s close enough.
  • It’s important to use the right kind of water for your Nespresso machine! You’re paying a lot of money for a nice machine so it should be treated with care—if you use filtered water it will also result in better tasting beverages. Tap water may result in build-up of limescale inside the machine and that will not be covered under a warranty.
  • It sounds silly but descale your Nespresso at least once a month—some of the newer machine models even have an automatic reminder to descale your machine. If your brew seems to produce a beverage that isn’t as flavorful or it’s not as hot that means your Nespresso may require you to descale it. This will produce hot, delicious beverages and ensure your machine lasts a longer amount of time!


The Nespresso machine is one of our favorites because it introduces a completely new way of thinking as far as coffee goes—we’ve never seen a machine that is capable of being so technologically advanced that it has the possibility of replacing baristas. Now, this of course probably won’t happen in our lifetime but the Nespresso makes that a strong possibility.

Nespresso also has a variety of capsules and machines that we haven’t seen before as far as range goes; it’s no wonder they’ve won the Best Espresso Machine for quite a few years in the European markets—even places that have an extraordinary coffee culture like Italy praise the machine’s ability to come close to making a perfect espresso—crema and all time and time again. That is no small feat for a machine that relies on customer’s love of convenience.

The machines have also come along way as far as design appeal—we think that they’ve really tried to up their color and style game, especially with competitors like Starbucks and Keurig trying to come into the automatic espresso market. They’re still the frontrunners, but they probably feel that in order to remain in that position they will have to appeal to every customer’s needs—and that might even include design and style choices.

No other machine can even touch what the Breville Creatista machine can do—I think it even wows the most advanced baristas. It’s ability to create any beverage at the touch of a button but also leave complete control in the hands of the coffee creator makes it one of our favorites because we can’t get enough of it.