A French press is a simple coffee appliance that became popular in the early 20th century. It is also known as a press pot or coffee press. The machine does not require electricity, but requires hot water, the appliance itself, and coffee.

Coffee lovers everywhere embrace the French press because it produces one of the finest cups of coffee available. Not only can you get a great cup of coffee from a French press, they are also extremely easy to use. Of course, your results will vary depending on the quality of coffee beans that you use. French press coffee makers require a little bit of patience, but are well worth it.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your French press fall apart or having coffee grounds in the bottom of your mug. This has happened to me on multiple occasions and it is unpleasant. I had the screws fall off of the screen one time and they ended up in my mug. Luckily, I heard them fall in, but could you imagine accidentally ingesting a bolt or a screw due to a faulty French press?  If you are a every day user of a French press, it is worth it to invest in a high quality one.

There are several keys to the perfect cup of coffee with a French press. The water temperature, properly ground coffee, quality of coffee, time brewed, and the machine mechanics. The water should be filtered or bottled. The coffee should ideally be ground fresh and ground to a course consistency. The coffee should be left brewing for several minutes, but not for too long. The ideal time frame is between four and five minutes.

The reason French press coffee tastes so great is that the volatile oils in the coffee remain and are not filtered out by a paper filter. If you want to enjoy a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee, the French press is for you.

Types of Machines

The French press is a plunger style coffee appliance. The French press works with a plunger attached to a screen, which separates the brewed coffee from the coffee grounds. Once the coffee has brewed, you push down on the plunger to the bottom holding the grounds in place and pour yourself a cup. The French press is a portable coffee appliance that does not require electricity but does require hot water. There are no plugs or buttons on the French press. French press coffee makers are made from glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

The best way to use the French Press is to pour ½ of your hot water into the carafe with the coffee grounds and stir then wait a moment and pour the remaining water into the carafe. After all of the water is poured into the carafe, you should wait four to five minutes before pouring the coffee into your cup or another carafe for storage. The coffee should not sit in the carafe with the grounds, as it will turn bitter quickly. If you don’t want to measure out your coffee and water, you can simply experiment. You can use a tablespoon measure or a coffee scoop to experiment. There is a preferred ratio, but it is completely up to your taste. The water should be from 195 to 210 degrees to ensure proper brewing.

Best French Press

The Kona French Press

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The Kona Coffee, Tea, and Espresso French press is currently the highest rated French press on Amazon. The fact that it is 34 ounces makes it great for households with more than one coffee drinker. With over 10,000 positive reviews, it is hard to ignore this gem. There are few coffee products on Amazon with over 10,000 reviews.

Not only does this French press make a perfect cup of coffee, it also has the ability to extract and brew loose tea. The system includes three pieces of durable stainless steel, which help ensure a longer life. The press does have a few plastic parts but the plastic will not affect the taste of the brewed coffee because they are only on the exterior. Many lower end French press coffee makers are made entirely of plastic parts, which affect the taste and quality.

The design of this French press is sure to look great on any kitchen counter top or in an office break room.  The handle is ergonomic and it makes pouring beverages extremely comfortable and simple. The lid of the Kona Press is made out of HDPE, which is BPA-free. It comes with a rubber plunger knob for easy plunging. The glass tank is made from borosilicate glass, which is resistant to shattering or breaking, especially at high temperatures.

The Kona French press is also top shelf dishwasher safe. The Kona weighs in at 1.2 pounds. It also has the ability to brew cold coffee, which is another added benefit.  Brewing cold coffee will take a lot longer but is a unique option.

The Kona French press also comes with two replacement screens. Over time, the screen does gather build up, and replacing the screen periodically is essential for fresh tasting coffee. Some French press coffee manufacturers offer one replacement screen, providing two is very rare.  The other advantage of this French press is that it comes standard with a coffee scoop. The coffee scoop makes measuring the perfect coffee to water ratio easy.

The Kona French press is currently available on Amazon for $30 and is frequently listed as a top-seller.

Why We Recommend the Kona French Press

I really love the Kona French press. It has very sturdy high-quality glass that makes shattering the Kona press almost impossible. Not only does the Kona have a thick glass carafe, it also has plastic in all of the right places. I don’t suggest dropping it on the ground, but it should last a stumble or two in the sink. It is really good looking. It also provides a design statement to add aesthetic appeal to your home or office. The Kona is dishwasher safe, which is really the only type of French press I would be interested in buying.

For $30, you really can’t beat the Kona French press.

How to Choose the Best French Press for You

When picking out a French press, I look for several key features. The most important feature is the quality of the glass carafe. You should look for one that is made out of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Some glass is too thin and can be shattered easily. The next feature that I look for in a French press is ease of use. If a French press is overly complicated, or has too many parts, it is more likely to rust, break, or be a nuisance down the road. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to clean and maintain. Another important option to look for when picking out a French press is replacement screens.  After cleaning it out one too many times, replacement screens are a necessity.


Your budget will most likely depend on if you are new to French press coffee makers or a resident French press expert. There is nothing wrong with being on a budget. Make sure that you look for the key items listed here and you should find a great French press to match your needs. There are sales on Amazon, so if you are in no rush to buy your French press, you can keep an eye out for the perfect for when it goes on sale.

Double Screens

The last option I suggest looking for is double screens. Double screens ensure that coffee grounds do not get into your final cup of coffee. Some French presses offer double screens. Some only have single screens, which that manufacturers claim are designed well enough that they do not need to be doubled.

Most Significant Features

When picking a French press, finding a model with a screen filter that is easily taken off of the plunger for cleaning is essential. Is the French press dishwasher safe? Is easy cleaning a deal breaker for you? Personally, I would prefer to have my French press dishwasher safe. Gently placing your French press carafe on the top rack of your dishwasher ensures that it will be cleaned easy and thoroughly. The French press is really easy to clean and even though the carafe is washable, you should not wash any metal parts in the dishwasher due to the possibility of rust and corrosion.

The design of your ideal French press may not make much difference in your choice, but it is worth mentioning. Some French press coffee makers come in different colors, sizes, and materials. I suggest going with a standard color so that you don’t have to mix and match with your other appliances. If you tend to want colorful appliances, there are multiple options.

The size may not matter to you either, but if you have multiple coffee drinkers in your household, you may want to purchase a larger French press. If you only drink a small cup of coffee, you may want to pick a smaller model that is easier to clean.

Does the French press model come with any additional replacement parts? Many of the higher end French press models come with a replacement screen standard.

High quality glass and materials are key features. If the glass is thin or handle looks subpar, the French press most likely will not last long term.

Many companies who make French press coffee makers offer warranties and return policies, making it easy to return if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase.  If you thoroughly complete your research on your French press, you will have no surprises in the long run.

The last thing to be cognizant of is the ratings on Amazon and Google. If the product has many great reviews and is at a decent price point, it may be a good option for you. Before spending any money on a new coffee maker or appliance, I will read through several pages of reviews on Amazon and online coffee blogs to ensure that I am making the best choice.

Advantages of a French Press

There are many advantages of a French press. The French press is a simple device that is easy to use and it requires the bare minimum of coffee and hot water to produce great coffee. The French press is one of the only portable coffee appliances out there. If you bring your favorite ground coffee and a pot to boil the water, you can take your French press with you camping. If you are an adventure seeker, you can even take the French press backpacking.

You can control the temperature, the time the coffee is steeping, and the coffee to water ratio. Other machines use paper filters and the filters dilute the coffee somewhat.  This results in the French press providing a cup of coffee that is much more intense, which is great for true coffee lovers. The cup of coffee that a French press makes is usually full in body and smooth.

The French press is also an attractive coffee appliance that can be just as much of a design statement as a functional coffee maker. The French press isn’t bulky and does not take up much space on your kitchen counter. As long as you are using the right water temperature and high quality coffee beans, your cup of coffee will reliably taste delicious. Many other coffee makers have a lot more variables that go into the perfect cup—unlike the French Press.

Disadvantages of a French Press

There are several disadvantages of the French press. The French press requires hot water but is not electric, requiring you to heat the water on your own before pouring it into the device. This can be a hassle for some who just simply want to press a button and have your coffee ready in the morning. For a great cup, you do have to grind the beans, make sure the water is hot enough, and pour the water into the carafe and wait a few minutes. It is a rather simple process, but it may not be for everybody.  Of course there are electric kettles that make boiling water simple, but they are more expensive than simply using a kitchen pot to boil your water.

The larger single glass French presses may not retain consistent water temperature compared to those that are smaller, which is definitely a negative. Coffee ratio is also essential, and if you haven’t mastered this, it will result in weak or overly strong coffee.

The glass carafe can become stained over time, which may bother some. If this would bother you, you may want to go with a stainless steel French press.

Cleaning the French press is one of the largest disadvantages of the appliance. Some are dishwasher friendly, but I would emphasis only cleaning those appliances on the top shelf. Many French presses are hand wash only. These are fragile and should truly only be hand washed gently with a little bit of soap. The filter screen can be rather fragile and can fray easily. If you wash the French press plunger and screen in the dishwasher they will rust. I am strongly against washing the screen and plunger in the dishwasher, even if the manufacturer says it is okay.

Why Trust Me

I have researched Amazon for hours and searched various coffee appliance stores online and in person for the best French press. I have also personally surveyed friends and co-workers who have all agreed that the Kona is the best French press. It is easy to use, reliable, and looks great on any counter top. I will continue to research the best products and make sure that the main negatives and positives are listed so that consumers can make an educated and informed decision.

I have personally owned several French press coffee makers. I have had cheap French press coffee makers purchased from discount stores as well as name brand top of the line presses. I know from personal experience that there are many options out there on the market and it is easy to become overwhelmed.  The Kona French press has design, quality, and durability. It is also available at a great price point.

I am not the best at taking care of my coffee makers, so a durable coffee maker is key for someone like me.  I also know that there is nothing worse than a cheap French Press that falls apart or produces subpar coffee. There are so many advantages to the French press and I can attest to it being one of the best coffee appliances on the market. It is simple and portable as well as eco-friendly, which is more than I can say about many espresso makers and all drip coffee makers.

The Runner Up

SterlingPro French Coffee Press

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The runner up is the SterlingPro French coffee press. It is constructed of chrome and glass and holds 34 ounces. It looks like a traditional French press.  The best feature of the SterlingPro French press is the double screens, which reduce the likelihood of grounds getting into your cup. The SterlingPro was the first revolutionary company to start using two screens. The carafe is also made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, similar to the Kona French press.

The design on this French press is very Parisian. The glass carafe can be removed from the shiny chrome housing, making cleaning easy.  There is only a small amount of plastic on this coffee press. The handle is made of plastic and there is a small amount of plastic under the lid, which helps the lid from becoming too hot. This press also comes with two replacement screens. You also can make tea in this press, similar to the Kona French press.

The only negative review about the SterlingPro is that the advertising isn’t very clear about the number of servings that it yields. The manufacturer claims that one full carafe makes four cups of coffee, yet it makes approximately two eight-ounce mugs of coffee. The advertising is aimed towards smaller “European” style cups. The SterlingPro is often named as a top-seller on Amazon, along with the Kona French press.  People really enjoy the quality and design of this French press.

Why We Recommend the SterlingPro

I see the SterlingPro as a wonderful spin on the traditional French press. It reminds me of a Parisian coffee maker that you would use while eating macaroons on a patio somewhere in France. The minimal amount of chrome on the exterior of the SterlinPro makes it look high end.The SterlingPro combines revolutionary features such as two screens and only has a minimal amount of plastic.  I like the SterlingPro because it combines simplicity, traditional design, and great technology.

I highly recommend purchasing the SterlingPro.

It is currently for sale on Amazon for $23.98.

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

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SterlingPro also makes another great French press. The SterlingPro double wall stainless steel French coffee press is one of the best currently available on the market. This French press is made completely out of stainless steel. It also has double screens, ensuring that coffee grounds don’t make their way into your cup of coffee.  The double wall design on this French press also helps keep your coffee hotter longer!

It holds up to one liter of liquid. The stainless steel design is modern and sleek. It is certain to make a design statement on your kitchen counter. It is slender and not bulky whatsoever. This machine also comes in three sizes: one liter, one point five liters and two liters.

Why We Recommend the SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Press

I highly recommend the SterlingPro double wall stainless steel coffee press. This press is modern and fabulous. I like the SterlingPro double wall coffee press because it retains heat three times more compared to its glass French press competitors. The double wall system is unique and I really enjoy my coffee piping hot. The brushed steel look of the SterlingPro is sure to add to modern style. My SterlingPro press definitely makes a great design addition to my kitchen counter top.

The SterlingPro double wall stainless steel French coffee press is available on Amazon from $39.98 to $59.98 depending on size.

Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Check Prices on Amazon

The Grosche has excellent reviews on Amazon. It boosts a unique modern design.

The Grosche is also available in several different sizes. Varying from 11.8 ounces to 51 ounces, the perfect model is out there for everyone, depending on their needs.

The Madrid has a dual filter system. There is one filter in the lid and one in the main press. When you are making a cup of coffee, you turn the lid and close the press while your coffee steeps and you turn it again while you are pouring. This dual filter system is a new option that I have not seen in many top rated French press coffee makers.

The Grosche Madrid French press coffee and tea maker has outstanding style.  The unique chrome cage design around its exterior doubles as a protective barrier.. The quality of the glass assists in keeping the water temperature consistent, which is a huge key to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. The design of the Grosche Madrid results in the carafe not chipping or breaking and the screen holds up well.

If you are not sold on the Grosche Madrid French press coffee and tea maker, you might be after you hear about the Grosche safe water program. This program offers fifty days of safe drinking water to communities in need for every French press that you purchase. 100% of the safe water program is funded by Grosche product sales.  I think the safe water program is similar to the Starbucks Ethos water sales program. It is great that the company gives back to the community.

Why We Recommend the Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

The Grosche Madrid coffee maker made my top list for many reasons. I think this French press is a great option because it offers the versatility of making tea and coffee in the same appliance. The Grosche Madrid also has really great German style. The hand crafted glass carafe and additional parts are very well made and are surprisingly affordable. I like the fact that you can purchase replacement parts online incase you are clumsy, like me.

You can purchase the Grosche Madrid French press coffee and tea maker for between  $22.50 and $79.99, depending on size.

How We Selected the Best

I researched the comments on the top coffee blogs and compared those reviews to Amazon. I also checked out several appliance stores that sell French press coffee makers and inquired with the sales people which were the most popular and why. I focused on price, reliability, and reviews. There are many different models of French presses.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, and comparing the prices and the options on the different French Press options, the Kona was easy to pick as number one.

The Budget Choice

Bodum Brazil 8-cup French Press Coffee Maker

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The Bodum Brazil 8-cup French press coffee maker is an easy choice for those on a tight budget. This French press is available in several different colors, which can match your kitchen or make a design statement. The carafe is made of durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The handle and base are made out of BPA-free plastic.  Even though there is some plastic on this French press, the interior parts of the press are made of stainless steel. The Bodum Brazil is available in different sizes as well. The high quality materials of the Bodum Brazil French press result in a very durable coffee maker.

The Bodum Brazil French press is dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. The multiple options on the Bodum Brazil French press makes it a great choice for first time French Press drinkers or those on a budget. The only negative about the Bodum is that reviewers feel as though it doesn’t last as long as some of its more expensive counter parts. But, you get what you pay for, right?

Even with negative comments, there are almost 2,000 reviews on amazon and the product averages right below 5 stars. For this price, you might want to try it out. The other negative noted about this press is that consumers mention that ground residue made its way in their cup, but this came from people trying to drink the very last sip.  I do not blame those who want to savor every last sip, but this

Why We Recommend the Bodum Brazil 8-cup French press

We recommend Bodum Brazil French press because it is one of the best French press on the market for under 20 dollars. It is easy to clean, which I find key to any French press. I also think the amount of craftsmanship available in this French press is amazing. If you are in the market for a French press for under 20 dollars, this is a great choice.

The Bodum Brazil 8-cup French press coffee maker is available on Amazon for $19.99.

The Best Premium Choice

Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker With Patented Dual Screen

Check for Prices on Amazon

The best premium French press is the Frieling double wall stainless steel French press coffee maker with patented dual screen. The Frieling French press is very modern, attractive, and versatile. It is available in many sizes varying from 8 ounces to 44 ounces. It is available in a mirror finish on the outside with brushed stainless steel on the inside. It is also available in brushed stainless steel throughout. The full-length handle makes it very ergonomic and comfortable to pour. The double wall construction ensures that the carafe retains heat better than most glass French press coffee makers. The carafe also doubles as a storage carafe, which retains heat four times longer compared to its glass competitors.

The Frieling also comes with a standard five-year warranty against all major manufacturing defects. If you are interested in the Frieling, you should keep in mind that water temperatures may need to be adjusted because the carafe is entirely metal and not glass. Reviewers have stated that this French press is made like a battleship and that it is incredibly durable.  Replacement parts are also available online for those who would prefer to buy parts instead of replace their entire French press when it breaks or a part wears out. The Frieling also comes apart easily for cleaning. This French press is more expensive than some of its competitors, but it’s a solid, attractive press.

This French press comes in sizes ranging from 8 ounces to 44 ounces.  If you are willing to spend a little more on your French Press, the Frieling should be your top choice.

Why We Recommend the Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker With Patented Dual Screen

I highly recommend the Frieling double wall stainless steel French press is a great option. The Frieling made its way on the list because of several reasons. I believe that the double wall technology is essential to keeping the grinds separate from the finished cup of coffee.  There is nothing worse than having coffee grinds in your coffee mug. This thoroughly ruins my French press experience in the morning. With the double wall screen, you can eliminate the risk of having loose coffee grounds.

It is available in four different sizes. The largest size is forty-four ounces and costs $124.50 on Amazon.

Helpful Tools for the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

The Ovente 1.5 Liter BPA-Free Glass Cordless Electric Kettle

Check for Prices on Amazon

One of the most important variables of the perfect cup of coffee with a French press is the water temperature. The water needs to be a certain temperature: not too hot, not too cold. The Ovente 1.5 liter glass cordless electric kettle makes getting the perfect water temperature easy. The cordless machine is constructed of high quality borosilicate glass and stainless steel. The Ovente also has blue LED lighting under the glass container, which is a really great high tech feature not seen in many other electric kettles. With over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this kettle is sure to be a great little powerhouse in your coffee arsenal.

It has an auto-shut off button after it boils, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off.  The auto-shut off is great but it also has a safety feature that automatically shuts off the machine if the carafe is empty, eliminating the potential of breaking the glass.  The kettle measures 8 by 6 by 9.3 inches. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. It takes approximately 5 to 6 minutes to boil water in the Ovente. The Ovente is also very stylish and is available in 9 colors to match your kitchen décor.

Investing in an electric kettle is essential for making your favorite French press cup of coffee easier in the morning.

The Ovente is available for $19.99 on Amazon.

KRUPS GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder with Grind Size and Cup Selection

Check for Prices on Amazon

In order to make a great cup of French press, the coffee needs to be ground very course. Many standard “blade” coffee grinders tend to over grind coffee. The Krups GX5000 professional burr grinder is a favorite among coffee aficionados everywhere. The large grinding capacity holds up to 12 cups of coffee beans.  There are nine grind levels ranging from fine (geared towards espresso) to coarse for French press.  The burr system helps avoid overheating and has a fineness selector ensuring precise grinding. The quantity selector provides 2 to 12 cups to grind exactly how much coffee you need. There is also an auto stop safety mechanism turning off the unit if the bean container is empty.

A 2-year warranty is standard with this grinder.  Most coffee burr grinders available on the market are far more expensive than the Krups GX5000. The Krups does everything that those expensive grinders do, but for a fraction of the cost.

It is currently for sale on Amazon for $46.54

Leyaron Endurance Stainless Steel 1 Tablespoon Measuring Coffee Scoop, Set of 2

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Another good tool to have on hand is a quality-measuring scoop. The Leyaron endurance stainless steel set of two coffee scoops is perfect for any type of coffee drinker. They ensure that you consistently use the same amount of coffee per water ratio without having to guess every time. The measuring scoops are made out of high quality, thick, and heavy-duty food-grade stainless steel.  They are six inches long and are very easy to store.

The makers of Leyaron are so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can get a full refund according to their customer service section on their website. There is really no risk in trying these little guys out!

They are available as a set of two for sale on Amazon for $8.99.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Cup of French Press Coffee

Over the years, I have found many tricks to make the perfect cup of French press coffee. One great tip is to use filtered water instead of tap water. Depending on where you live, the water may have chlorine or other chemicals that will negatively affect the overall coffee taste.

If you warm up your French press by putting boiling water in it and letting it sit for a few minutes, the temperature will stay more consistent while brewing, ensuring the best tasting cup.  Even though some people instruct that you stir the grounds as the coffee is brewing, you should not disrupt the coffee while it’s brewing.

Another great tip is if you have left over coffee, you should pour it into another carafe or container for storage. If you let your coffee sit in the French press for an extended amount of time, the coffee will over extract and become extremely bitter.

Temperature is a huge variable for getting the perfect cup of French press. Many people do not want to bother with a thermometer, but there is another option. If you bring the water to a boil and then remove the water from the heat source, the water will be the ideal temperature after 30 seconds. If you want, you can use an old school thermometer, but I know that I am way too lazy to use a thermometer every morning.

The Final Word

French press coffee makers have been around for a long time. They have been a favorite for coffee die-hards for many years. The Kona French press is a French press that you will have for a long time due to its reliability and durability. The accessories and tools that compliment the French press coffee maker are almost endless. Whether you prefer an all stainless steel or glass and chrome French press, the possibilities are numerous. Coffee lovers will always prefer the coffee makers that offer the strongest and smoothest cup of coffee.

Even if you have a standard drip coffee or capsule coffee maker, the French press is a great addition to any coffee-lovers kitchen.  Overall, if you have a little patience and like simplicity, the French press is your best bet for quality coffee. If you are a coffee lover and are on the run constantly or more of an outdoorsy soul, the French Press is perfect for you!