Many people who love to drink coffee actually don’t know how the coffee is made. Simply speaking, the roasting of the coffee is the heating process where the coffee is turned into the dark brown beans we all know and love.

Roasting is bringing all aroma and flavor of the coffee that is locked inside the green coffee beans. The green coffee beans are not even remotely similar to the roasted beans, they are soft and spongy and they smell like grass. Anyhow, because of the roasting process, we can have the dark brown beans of coffee that we enjoy so much nowadays.

After the roasting, the coffee beans should be used as quickly as possible since that way you can get the best out of them. Namely, the flavor and aroma of the coffee are the most noticeable just after the roasting of the coffee.

Roasting causes chemical changes to the green coffee beans as they are rapidly put to the high temperature. After the ‘’cocking’’ part, the green beans turn into the dark beans as they lost all the moisture, and become crunchy and dark.

However, the roasting part is a really complicated process and requires a very special set of skills and equipment. Some of the most famous coffee roasting companies have the best roasting machines and they always tend to boost the quality.

Roasting coffee is a form of art

Many people who actually know how to roast coffee are considering this unique job as a form of art. Simply speaking, the whole process of roasting coffee must be dealt with care and precision. Every green coffee bean is equally important and holds approximately the same value as any other coffee bean. Therefore, everyone who is roasting coffee tends to get the most out of it.

Anyhow, everyone is capable of roasting the coffee with the right equipment and the right knowledge. Turning green coffee beans into something so delicious is really something special to do. Basically, everyone who at least tried to roast coffee will definitely appreciate the coffee flavor more.

Furthermore, we must say that if you want to be a professional in the roasting coffee business, then it should take years of practice and patience. Namely, this isn’t an ordinary job where you just follow the rules, this is more than that.

Some people who tend to follow the instructions on how to roast the green coffee beans often don’t get the wanted results. As we said, this type of job requires more than just an ordinary rules following.

Different type of coffee roasts

Before we start to discuss the important things about the different types of coffee roasts, we first need to say something about coffee roasts in general. Namely, the roasting of the coffee is a delicate process that requires time. The roast type is determined by the amount of time the green coffee beans were in the roasting machine.

Simply speaking, if you roast the green coffee beans longer, they will be darker and have stronger taste and flavor. Otherwise, you will get the lightly roasted coffee beans that basically have different taste and flavor. The light coffee roasted beans are not less powerful than the dark coffee roasted beans, they are just looking differently, but contain the same amount of caffeine.

Now, the most common way to describe the level of the roasting is by the color of the coffee bean after the roasting process. Plainly speaking, the range of the roasting goes from light to dark, and we will use this exact description to explain the coffee roast levels afterward. On the other hand, every type of coffee roast has its own flavor and aroma of the coffee. Therefore, it is pretty much unique in its own way and it holds a good taste for those who drink it every day.

Let’s see the difference between the coffee roast levels now.

Light coffee roast

light coffee

Simply speaking, in order to give the best explanation about the light coffee roast type, we will discuss its specifications rather than using the scientific facts that can be a little bit confusing from time to time. Namely, the term ‘’light’’ in the light coffee roast type refers to the color of the roasted coffee beans. After the roasting process, the light roasted coffee beans are getting the slightly lighter brown color. Therefore, the term ‘light’’ is given to them.

Anyhow, the main specification about the light roasted coffee beans is the flavor. The flavor of the light coffee roast coffee beans is very strong and pretty much ‘’dry’’. Plainly speaking, since the coffee beans were roasted at the high temperature, they lost all the moisture and became dry and crunchy. There is no oil left at all on these type of coffee beans.

The light coffee roast type of coffees are also called ‘’Half Light’’, ‘’Light City’’, ‘’New England’’, and the ‘’Cinnamon’’.

Advantages of the light coffee roast type

1) Light roasted coffee beans offer more antioxidants – Namely, this is a major thing that every true caffeine lover should know. The light roasted coffee beans have more antioxidants than a dark roasted type of coffee beans. This will definitely help anyone with some of the health issues since the coffee is a pretty strong diuretic.

On the other side, antioxidants with other coffee ingredients lover the risk of several types of cancer as well as the heart attack risks. So you should definitely take this into the consideration.

2) Light roasted coffee beans are good for your health – Considering everything about light roasted coffee beans, we can say for sure that they are pretty great at preventing some of the most serious health problems. Namely, if you happen to be diabetic or suffering from an Alzheimer’s, you will find that the light coffee roast type of coffee is pretty great.

Note that this is not a medication or that will cure you in any way, but it will just prevent these health problems from spreading or damaging your health even more.

3) The smell and the color are very heart-warming – If you know how to brew the light coffee roasted beans, then you will be amazed at how beautiful and heart-warming that cup of coffee will look like. Simply speaking, anyone who loves coffee will never say no the light roasted coffee beans coffee.

Disadvantages of the light coffee roast type

1) The taste of the light coffee roasted beans is different – Well, the light roasted coffee beans are a little bit different when it comes to the taste. Simply speaking, the taste is not balanced since it doesn’t have the balanced amount of the body, acidity, and fruitiness.

This, of course, is not the problem for some coffee lovers. In other words, some people prefer this type of taste and they love it more than some other coffee.

Medium coffee roast

Now, as we go further into discussing the types of coffee roasts, we have to say that the coffee beans go darker in color as well. This brings us to the medium coffee roast type which really is one of the most used coffee roast coffee beans on the planet. Anyhow, the color of the medium coffee roast is a little bit darker than the light coffee roast. On the other hand, the color of the medium coffee roast coffee beans is not darker than the dark coffee roast type of coffee beans.

Simply speaking, at this level of the coffee roast, the coffee begins to absorb some other qualities and aromas. As we can see, the medium coffee roast type of coffee is pretty different from the light or the dark type of roast coffee level. The aroma is pretty tasteful and great in this coffee roast type since the balance between the acidity and the fruitiness is pretty much on the right level.

Medium coffee roasts also are known as the ‘’City’’, ‘’Breakfast’’, ‘’Regular’’,’’ American’’.

Advantages of the medium coffee roast type

1) The taste of the medium coffee roast type – Simply speaking, the taste of this type of coffee roast is well-balanced and pretty great. Many people choose this exact type of coffee roast since it has the most acceptable and ordinary coffee taste. This means that the citrus acidity and fruitiness are balanced perfectly in this type of coffee roast.

On the other hand, many coffee restaurants are using this exact type of coffee roast since it is the most picked coffee roast. In other words, this type of coffee roast is pretty valuable and tasteful.

2) Medium roast coffee is good for your health –We have always been told that the coffee is not that great for our health. Just the opposite, the coffee is actually pretty healthy beverage and it contains some of the most important things that help you to stay in good health.

The medium roast coffee is considered as one of the best coffee roast types that are good for your health. Therefore, if you happen to like medium roast coffee then you should not worry about coffee causing any health issues at all.

3) Medium roast coffee beans stay fresh longer – If you buy and grind the coffee yourself then the medium coffee roast should be your pick among all the type of coffee roasts. Anyhow, they are capable of staying fresh and savoring the flavor longer than any other type of coffee roasted beans.

 On the other hand, you can always count on the freshness and the tasteful aroma when it comes to the medium roasted coffee beans.

Disadvantages of the medium coffee roast type

1) You can develop the caffeine sensitivity with a medium coffee roast type of coffee – This happens to only a few people, but it is definitely worth mentioning. If you develop the caffeine sensitivity, you will become basically allergic to coffee in general. Therefore, the medium roast type of coffee is a bit different than another type.

Never the less, this phenomenon is not common and it affects only a little amount of people.

Medium-dark coffee roast

When we talk about the medium-dark coffee roast, the first thing we need to mention is the color and the flavor. Namely, this type of coffee roasts has a rich flavor and definitely darker color than light or medium coffee roasts.  The main thing about this type of roast is the flavor. You can definitely expect the bittersweet or spicy flavor if you get some medium-dark coffee roasted coffee.

On the other hand, many people are actually a big fan of this type of coffee roast since it brings somehow a little bit new and more exotic taste to the coffee. This type is definitely different from others because of the taste it has, but it surely isn’t anyhow less worthy or valuable.

The medium-dark coffee roast goes by the name of ‘’Full City’’ as well.

Advantages of the medium-dark coffee roast

1) The smell of the medium-dark coffee roast – Simply speaking, due to the smell of the medium-cark coffee roast that is absolutely strong and rich, you will be able to lower the stress or any kind of tension. Actually, scientists discovered that this exact type of coffee has the most chances of lowering the stress or tension as we said.

This is a fact that most coffee drinkers don’t know but should absolutely be aware of. Also, the smell is bringing a warm tone to any of the homes and makes it really something special.

2) Pumps up your energy for daily activities – This type of coffee roasts is an absolutely powerful energy booster and it allows you to prolong your day to achieve more. Basically, the chemical ingredients are a little bit different when it comes to the medium-dark coffee roasts and due to that, the coffee of this type is a perfect for pumping your energy up.

Also, this coffee type is recommended to those who have pretty long days with lots of things to do. The average coffee drinker should also benefit from this type of coffee since it has a pretty good and powerful energy boost.

3) The medium-dark coffee roast is loaded with nutrients – All the essential nutrients are to be found in this type of coffee roast. Namely, the B12 vitamin has all the necessary nutrients that one human body needs. Also, every cup of medium-dark coffee roast coffee is loaded with the B12 vitamin and it is absolutely great for your health.

All in all, this type of coffee is actually pretty good for the health in general and it is consumed by the majority of people.

Disadvantages of medium-dark coffee roast

1) If you consume it a lot it can cause headaches – Since this type of coffee roast is pretty strong and powerful, the whole consuming process should not be taken for granted. Namely, if you have a lot of this type of coffee, you might give yourself a headache and frontal head pain. That is only because of the powerful taste and all the chemical ingredients that it contains.

Simply speaking, if you happen to be a medium-dark coffee roast lover, you need to tone it down a little bit since it may cause head pain.

Dark coffee roast

Now, we have come to the last type of coffee roasts and we will talk about the dark coffee roast. Namely, as you can see, this type of coffee roast is specific since it has the darkest color and the strongest taste or flavor. The coffee beans of this coffee roast type are covered in oil since the heating process brings the original coffee moisture to the surface of the coffee bean.

Simply speaking, there is a rich flavor with a powerful smell that will make every house smell like a warm and welcoming place. Not to mention, this type is pretty popular among the younger population since it is really good for boosting the energy. Most of the students and new-workers use this type of coffee every day to keep up with the tempo and achieve the best results.

There is also a thing with dark coffee roasts that should be mentioned as well. Namely, this type of coffee roast is often used in the big restaurants and diners. This is relatively expected since the majority of people love this type of coffee roasts.

Advantages of the dark coffee roast

1) This type of coffee roast really does make you think better – No wonder why students and workers use this type of coffee the most. Plainly speaking, your brain gets stimulated and ‘’sharpened’’ when you consume a cup of the dark roast coffee. It makes you think better and faster as well. Lots of people like it because of that.

On the other side, this doesn’t have to mean that you will get smarter or more intelligent. Namely, you will be just more active and less sleepy. Also, your concentration will be on point.

2) It is good for your health – There are lots of things that this exact type of coffee roast coffees can prevent. For instance, diabetes 2 will most likely never occur if the person drinks the dark coffee roast coffee. Also, the dark coffee roast coffee is a great boost of the immune system in general and it prolongs the memory of anyone who consumes it commonly.

Never the less, this type is really something special when it comes to the coffee roasting types. No wonder that everyone is ‘’in love’’ with this type of coffee roasts coffees.

3) You might even lose some weight – Considering the number of calories and everything included gaining weight, the dark roasted coffee beans are pretty good if you want to lose some weight. Namely, you can drink a lot of cups of coffee that are a dark roasted type and gain no weight at all.

Also, there is a pretty good thing considering the fact that the coffee in general is a good diuretic, so that means that you will actually be able to lose some weight if you consume coffee constantly. Never the less, you will find that it is very hard to gain some weight if you drink this type of roasted coffee.

Disadvantages of the dark coffee roast

1) Over stimulates digestion – The dark coffee roast beans are known for their way of stimulating digestion. This might be an unpleasant experience if you happen to be far away from your home bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be the case. You should know at least that if you drink dark coffee that there is a chance of you going to the bathroom not far away after you finish the cup.

On the bright side, this stimulating process really helps your body to deal with many other health issues and problems. Some people even drink this type of coffee for that reason.


We would like to conclude this review with a few words about coffee roasts in general. Simply speaking, everyone has their own favorite coffee roast and that is completely understandable since they are not similar one to each other.

Anyhow, we can guarantee that every roast type has its own benefits and unique flavor and aromas. Therefore, lots of people tend to pick their favorite and just drink that type for the rest of their lives. But, on the other hand, there are those who change their type of coffee almost every day, so the different roast type can satisfy their needs.

Now, since we explained the roasts and their advantages and disadvantages, it is only up to you to choose a favorite and try that type. Consider that if on the first try you happen to dislike some roast type, just give it some time and try it again so you can get the full insight of the flavor and the aroma. Anyhow, every type of coffee roast is unique and great in its own way.