Espresso machines were invented in early 19th century in Italy. Espresso is one of the finest and strongest forms of coffee available. Many people think of espresso makers as the large machines in your local Starbucks. There are many affordable companies that manufacture espresso machines that you can use at home. These espresso machines are easy to use. Breville is one of the most well known companies that make espresso machines. It is a company that is focused on modern design and innovation.

Breville is a small home appliance manufacturer that was founded in 1932 in Melbourne, Australia. They are most well known for inventing the toaster. After they created the toaster, the brand started branching off with other appliances. Breville manufacturers juicers, toasters, blenders, espresso machines, bread makers, food processors, pressure cookers, mixers, and more. Breville products can be purchased online from multiple retailers and in store. Most Breville products have high Amazon ratings.

Breville is mostly known for sleek, dependable machines. Breville espresso makers range in price from 300 dollars to over 2,000 dollars.  Breville espresso machines are well known amongst local coffee shops and baristas.

Different Models of Breville Espresso Machines

There are many Breville espresso machines on the market. The Breville Dual Broiler, Barista Express, Creatista Plus, The Infuser, the Duo-temp Pro, and the Duo Temp are all current Breville espresso models that are available for sale. All Breville espresso machines have a sleek silver look that lets you know that they are manufactured by the same company.

The Breville Dual Broiler espresso machine has precise espresso extraction and micro-foam milk. It is considered a favorite among baristas. With the dual boiler, you can make espresso shots and steam milk at the same time, which is a good feature. Dual boilers are a unique feature within the line up of best espresso machines.

The Barista Express espresso machine makes great tasting espresso from bean to shot in less than 60 seconds. It also has a milk steam wand and holds the title of best new product from Specialty Coffee Association of America.

The Creatista Plus is a unique machine that combines Nespresso with Breville advances milk-steaming technology.  For the creatista plus, you use Nespresso capsules for the espresso shots and a Breville milk steam wand for milk steaming.

The Infuser is one of the most affordable Breville espresso machines. It offers low pressure pre-infusion, and PID temperature control that delivers water at consistent temperatures.  The infuser has a standard micro-foam milk wand that has a 1700-watt heating element. All parts on the infuser are either stainless steel or BPA-free plastic.

The Breville Duo-temp Pro has standard precise espresso extraction, which includes the low pressure pre-infusion and PID temperature control. It also has a micro-foam milk wand that is standard with all current Breville espresso machines. It is a compact machine that is perfect for beginners or those on a budget.

The Breville Duo-temp is an extremely compact espresso machine. The machine has 1200 watts and a 15 bar Italian pump. The Duo-pump is the lowest end Breville machine currently available, but it is great for making espressos, Americanos, and hot chocolates. I would recommend the Duo-temp for anyone starting out or someone who isn’t expecting all of the bells and whistles that are standard on the other machines.

Our Top Pick: Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

The best Breville espresso maker on the market currently is the Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine. The Oracle is advertised as the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine. It has automatic tamping, grinding, dosing, and milk texturing features. These features eliminate most of the difficult parts of making a good shot of espresso.

This machine has a precise espresso extraction, which is comprised of two stainless steel boilers that heat and deliver the water at the perfect temperature. The shot temperature can be programed from 190 to 205 degrees. This system works to provide strong and almost effortless espresso shots.

The espresso machine also has an over pressure valve, which limits the maximum pressure throughout the process, which eliminates the chances of making bitter shots. Another feature on this machine is the low-pressure pre-infusion option that gradually and gently expands the grinds for a strong and even extraction.

The burr grinder on this machine tamps 22 grams of coffee for a double shot that is similar to coffee from your favorite café. The hands free milk steamer textures milk to your preferred temperature and consistency. Latte art can be created with the micro-foam milk wand.

This espresso maker has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. I think this machine is the best Breville espresso machine on the market because of its features as well as its reviews. Many reviewers had positive comments about the machine and the main negative about this machine relates to descaling.  You shouldn’t have any issues with descaling as long as you are careful and follow the descaling instructions.

The Oracle measures 16 ¼ by 15 by 18 inches. It weighs 35 pounds.

The BES980XL Oracle is currently available on Amazon for $1,989.99.

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express is one of the best Breville espresso machines on the market. It has a 15 bar Italian pump and a 1600W thermo coil heating system. It also has a purge function that automatically adjusts the water termperature for the perfect extraction termperature. The built in stainless steel conical burr grinder on this machine has a ½ lb sealed bean holder. The burr grinder is a great feature to have because it guarantees freshly ground coffee each time. To consistently ensure fresh coffee, reviewers online recommend to never fill the bean holder; instead they recommend you fill the holder every time you use it. The machine is sleek and stylish.

This machine is a two-in one grinder and espresso machine. Buying this machine saves you money because burr grinders are around $100 to purchase separately. There is also a 67-ounce removable water tank on the espresso machine. This machine also comes standard with several coffee filters for different grind sizes and amounts.

It has a unique razor inside the machine that trims the final coffee puck so that complete extraction is completed. There is also a pre-brew function that makes sure that a small amount of water keeps the grounds moist. A showerhead inside the machine is another feature that ensures the ground extraction is completed for the most flavorful coffee.

This machine has a removable drip tray that has an indicator that lets you know when the tray is full. There is also a cleaning indicator that lets you know when a cleaning cycle needs to be completed. The BES870XL has an average review of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Reviewers have stated that the machine is long lasting and easy to clean. They also state that the milk frother is amazing and the grinder works really well.

The Barista Express also has the feature to select the precise grind from fine to course. You can also choose between multiple and single shots. The dials to change the settings are easy to read. The built in tamper is 54 millimeters and is removable for easy tamping. The porta-filter holds tightly and works very well.  This machine is made out of high quality materials and many reviewers state that the machine is a purchase worth making.

Reviewers state that the machine is easy to clean and fast. There is also a hideaway storage compartment that holds cleaning tools, which is handy. There are also non-slip feet on the bottom of the machine, which eliminates moving when the burr grinder is on. Many reviewers say that this machine is perfect for every at home barista. People recommend watching Youtube videos if you need assistance with the machine. The shots you pull with this machine are perfect every time with practice.

This machine measures in at 12.5 by 13.25 by 15.75 inches and weighs 23 pounds. It comes in three different color options: stainless steel, black, and red. The barista express is for anyone that is looking for a machine that is easy to use and convenient.

The Breville BES870XL is currently for sale on Amazon for $599.95.

The Breville BES840XL The Infuser

Another great Breville espresso machine is the Breville BES840XL The Infuser.  This machine gets its name from how it infuses the coffee with a unique pre-infusion system. It has a pre-infusion function that applies low water pressure that gently expands coffee grinds for an even overall extraction.  This infuser system works by providing slow and steady pressure to expand the coffee grinds.

It has a 1600-watt thermocoil heating system with integrated stainless steel water coil. It comes with an automatic purge function that adjusts water temperature automatically after steam for the perfect temperature.  The 15 bar Italian pump allows the user to have complete control of how much coffee volume they use. The removable water tank is 62 ounces.  The Infuser has a dedicated instant water spout that provides hot water for making Americanos, hot chocolate, and warming espresso cups. The pump is super quiet.

There are several features that really set this machine apart from others. One feature is the removable drip tray that has a full indicator when the tray needs to be emptied. Another feature is the dry puck feature which removes excess water from the ground coffee in the filter basket that makes disposal of the coffee puck easy, and cleaning a breeze.

The machine comes with multiple accessories. It comes with single and dual wall filter baskets, a coffee scoop, a stainless steel milk jug, a cleaning disc, cleaning tools, and a water filter.  This machine is solid and looks great on any kitchen counter. It comes in black, red, and stainless steel. Negative reviews include the water tank being on the smaller side and wishing there was a grinder.  Another negative worth noting is that the machine moves around when you change the porta-filter.

It weighs in at 17 pounds and is 10.2 by 12.5 by 13.2 inches.  Some reviewers have stated that the compact size of this machine makes it perfect for smaller kitchens.  Bottom line, the Infuser is for the espresso drinker that is looking for a unique machine that produces a strong espresso shot.

The Breville BES840XL the Infuser is currently for sale on Amazon for $473.99.

The BES920BSXL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The BES920BSXL Dual Boiler has a stainless steel boiler system that pumps simultaneously for the perfect espresso extraction. The over-pressure valve limits the extraction pressure. It also has an electronic LCD backlit display that shows a clock and brew temperature.  The machine is made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. It has an 84-ounce refillable water tank. A hot water outlet makes making Americanos and hot chocolates easier than ever with this machine. There is also an automatic start that warms up the machine.  This machine has an electronic PID temperature control that regulates extraction and limits over pressure.

To program your desired settings, you can simply turn the dials on the front of the machine.  The water temperature and steam in every shot of espresso work together to complete the perfect latte. The volumetric control allows you to set the volume in two cups while allowing you to manually override during the extraction. This volumetric control feature is helpful if you change your mind halfway through making your cup of espresso. The pre-infusion process makes the flavor profile of your espresso stand out. Pre-infusion duration and process is key to this machine.

This machine has so many great features. The pressure gauge on the machine ensures that the pressure is constantly monitored, which ensures a perfect brew. The swivel steam wand rotates fully, which gives you a full range with a three-hole tip to ensure super-silky texture to your milk.

For easy cleaning, the machine comes with a water hardness test strip and descale alert. The LCD screen shows a descale procedure when descaling is needed. The screen has multiple options. It shows monitor shot clock, extraction temperature, and clock. There is a swivel foot drop down on the machine that lifts the entire unit up so you can clean behind or around the machine. This allows for cleaning up spills easily.

The Dual Boiler espresso machine has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 100 customer reviews.  Reviewers state that this machine feels solid and easy to use. Reviewers also state that the machine is extremely quick and efficient. The automatic start is another favorite among reviewers.

It measures in at 15 by 16.25 by 15 inches. It weighs 30 pounds.

The BES920BSXL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is currently for sale on Amazon for $1,215.12.

My Budget Best Pick

The Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

The Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is my budget pick model for best espresso maker.

The duo temp pro has a 15 bar Italian pump and PID temperature control.  It also has a 1600 watts thermo coil. It also has a 1.8-liter removable water tank. It is sleek and modern looking.  The duo temp machine has many features. It has a precise espresso extraction process that takes low pressure pre-infusion and ensures that the flavors are extracted evenly.  The PID system provides water at the correct temperature, which produces balances espresso flavor.

This machine also has a razor-trimming tool that is a unique feature that Breville machines offer. The tool provides precise dosing by controlling the amount of coffee that goes into the filter. This feature ensures your coffee tastes consistently great every time you use the machine.

The micro foam milk steamer has a high power capacity of 1700 watts. The high pressure creates amazing micro-foam that is necessary for café quality lattes and macchiatos.

The average review for the Breville Duo Temp Pro is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Reviewers state that this machine is a good espresso machine for the value. They also state that you really have to experiment in order to get the perfect shot, but are well worth it. Several reviews also state that reviewers had other Breville appliances and this one lives up to the reliable Breville reputation. Users state that course grind coffee is key if you have issues with coffee not coming out properly. The grind of your coffee is essential with an espresso maker.

It measures in at 15.5 by 13.3 by 17.6 inches and weighs 18.7 pounds.

The Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso machine is currently available for sale on Amazon for $399.99.

Espresso Machine Tips and Tricks

In order to produce a tasty espresso, good quality beans are key.  Remember to read your espresso machine manual carefully to ensure you are following the machines instructions. You should also double check that your grind is the proper consistency.  The best grind for espresso is the consistency similar to sand.

Clean Your Espresso Machine

Clean your machine so that you can continue to produce consistent espresso shots. One of the most important things to do to keep your espresso machine running properly is cleaning.  Not properly cleaning your machine can affect the taste of your espresso and ultimately reduce the life of your machine.  Most espresso machines come with a basic cleaning kit or descaling tablets. Machines can be descaled and cleaned on a monthly basis.

Another great tip that I learned with my espresso machine is how to heat up your cup. You can run hot water into your cup to heat it up so that your coffee stays hot longer. If your coffee comes through the filter so fast, you can grind your coffee finer. Investing in a quality grinder is another key to producing a great espresso if your machine doesn’t have one.  If you are eco-friendly, you should invest in a knock box. A knock box is a box that holds your coffee grinds. Your grinds can be turned into compost when the box is full.

Why Trust Me

After researching numerous websites and the Breville online catalog, I came up with my top list.  Understanding which features are important to you is essential to choosing the right machine. Breville is a reliable home appliance brand that makes many good espresso machines. Many of their espresso machines have above four-star reviews.

After researching all of the current models available for sale, I couldn’t find many negative reviews.  While looking through reviews and outweighing the negatives and positives, the Breville BES980XL Oracle espresso machine is a clear winner.  Any top rated Breville espresso machine is a fantastic addition to your daily coffee routine.

The Final Word

To produce a good espresso, a quality espresso machine is essential. There are many machines and brands available. If you are looking for a great durable espresso machine, Breville is a great company to choose. Depending on your budget and criteria, there is a perfect espresso machine out there for you. Taking all features into account and comparing your price range, you should be able to choose a good Breville machine.

Many reviews for Breville espresso machines state that the customer was replacing a machine that that they had for many years. Buying the same brand machine over and over is always a very good sign when researching companies because it shows that the products are good enough to purchase again and again. The Breville BES980XL Oracle espresso machine is a great espresso maker if you are looking for a reliable machine that lasts.