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Ultimate guide to the best Percolator Coffee Machines

What is a percolator coffee maker? A percolator is simply a pot used for brewing coffee. Now, you must be thinking: “Well, that sounds just like any regular pot“. But, actually, it isn’t. In this pot, coffee is repeatedly brewed by way of cycling near-boiling water that is seeped through the coffee grounds. Then the coffee and the water are infused. This process is usually repeated a couple of times, unit the desired flavor and intensity is achieved. This process may seem a tad complicated and time-consuming, but the result is the perfect taste and intensity, just the way...

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Rich Coffee That’ll Make you Pour: Pour Over Brewing Guide

The market for brewing coffee is flooded with pricey brewers. Embodying advanced technology and micro-modifications that a person wouldn’t even think they needed for just a cup of coffee. If you go to your local and trusted coffee shop however, you can still find coffee that is brewed by hand. Careful consideration goes into every extraction. Spending over a hundred dollars on a coffee maker that offers a one cup option is not unheard of. If we look at the price of the machine, and then the price of the coffee per cup, it can get hefty. We all...

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Automatic Drip Coffee Machine

The Wigomat: World’s First Automatic Coffee Machine The Wigomat, not to be confused with the word laundromat was the very first automated coffee machine created by German inventor, Gottlob Widmann in 1954. How we ever survived before the era of an easy cup of coffee I will never know, but at least we had the coffee filters invented from 1908 to get us through the coffee making process. It’s incredible that it took close to 40 years for us to switch to the automated process and now many households depend on making their coffee this way. Up until the...

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Espresso Machine

What’s a unique fact of the machine? Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo wanted to deliver a coffee in an express manner to coffee lovers everywhere—and so the espresso machine was patented and born. There are some arguments about the first espresso machine’s patents, but one thing is for certain that it was Moriondo’s steam-powered “instantaneous” machine that many designs still go after today. If you’re still calling an espresso, an “expresso” that’s okay because it’s been decided that this is an alternative spelling. The stand up bar at coffee shops was no thanks to the popularity of espressos because the...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Pour Over Coffee Machines

our Over method of coffee brewing is somewhat new to the world, but it’s actually pretty old. The method originated in Japan, and it’s been introduced to the main scene of coffee brewing only recently. The reason why this secret was so well-kept is quite easy to figure out – the results are amazing and staggering, but the requirements are high. Pour Over method of brewing coffee is quite strict – you can’t use just any beans, the kettle needs to be made of specific materials, the carafe must be durable and, and, most importantly, you’ll need a lot...

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