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Ultimate Guide to Keurig Coffee Machines

John Sylvan, co-inventor of the Keurig Experienced Caffeine Poisoning from the Machine John Sylvan and Peter Dragone, former college roommates began inventing a machine that they hoped would live up to its name—excellent. “Keurig” is excellence in Dutch and that was exactly what the two men were striving for when they began creating their revolutionary coffee machine in 1992. Sylvan was so interested in being the very best that he ended up getting a nasty case of caffeine poisoning from the machine’s prototype in 1995. He began to complain of a throbbing headache and tunnel vision and was driven...

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Ultimate Guide to Nespresso Coffee Machines

What Came First the Nespresso or the Keurig? The Nespresso Machine and the Keurig probably were prototypes in laboratories at around the same time, but it was the Nespresso that was launched in 1986—giving the espresso market an entirely new and advanced machine for at home use. Before the launch, most people could only enjoy the benefits and deliciousness of an espresso at a coffee shop—but Nespresso claimed to make anyone a skilled barista by doing all the hard work for you. Nespresso is so adamant about having the best coffee that only 1 to 2 percent of coffee...

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Ultimate guide to the best Percolator Coffee Machines

What is a percolator coffee maker? A percolator is simply a pot used for brewing coffee. Now, you must be thinking: “Well, that sounds just like any regular pot“. But, actually, it isn’t. In this pot, coffee is repeatedly brewed by way of cycling near-boiling water that is seeped through the coffee grounds. Then the coffee and the water are infused. This process is usually repeated a couple of times, unit the desired flavor and intensity is achieved. This process may seem a tad complicated and time-consuming, but the result is the perfect taste and intensity, just the way...

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Rich Coffee That’ll Make you Pour: Pour Over Brewing Guide

The market for brewing coffee is flooded with pricey brewers. Embodying advanced technology and micro-modifications that a person wouldn’t even think they needed for just a cup of coffee. If you go to your local and trusted coffee shop however, you can still find coffee that is brewed by hand. Careful consideration goes into every extraction. Spending over a hundred dollars on a coffee maker that offers a one cup option is not unheard of. If we look at the price of the machine, and then the price of the coffee per cup, it can get hefty. We all...

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Automatic Drip Coffee Machine

The Wigomat: World’s First Automatic Coffee Machine The Wigomat, not to be confused with the word laundromat was the very first automated coffee machine created by German inventor, Gottlob Widmann in 1954. How we ever survived before the era of an easy cup of coffee I will never know, but at least we had the coffee filters invented from 1908 to get us through the coffee making process. It’s incredible that it took close to 40 years for us to switch to the automated process and now many households depend on making their coffee this way. Up until the...

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