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The Best Coffee Mugs

Introduction In today’s stress work environments, most of the working women or men are addicted to the caffeine, and can’t imagine their day without a daily dose of a coffee. Whether you are a fan of a black coffee, or with some spices, you are going to need a coffee mug to improve enjoyment. Now, if you are on-the-go kind of person, in a constant rush, without 10 minutes break to peacefully enjoy your coffee with cool, decorated coffee mug, no need to be worried because we are leaving in the 21st century where needs of a people like...

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Ultimate Coffee Roasts Guide: Different Types of Roasts Explained

Introduction Many people who love to drink coffee actually don’t know how the coffee is made. Simply speaking, the roasting of the coffee is the heating process where the coffee is turned into the dark brown beans we all know and love. Roasting is bringing all aroma and flavor of the coffee that is locked inside the green coffee beans. The green coffee beans are not even remotely similar to the roasted beans, they are soft and spongy and they smell like grass. Anyhow, because of the roasting process, we can have the dark brown beans of coffee that...

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Best Coffee Accessories

Introduction By the opinion of the majority of people, coffee is not just a beverage, it is way more. Every caffeine lover likes to start his day with a nice and warm cup of coffee. Therefore, the coffee is simply more than just a drink that some people consume. There are lots of types of coffee and lots of flavors of coffee. But, every coffee lover needs its accessories in order to make that perfect cup of coffee. Many people like having an exact type of coffee in the morning, but another type of coffee in the evening. In...

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Ultimate Guide to Keurig Coffee Machines

John Sylvan, co-inventor of the Keurig Experienced Caffeine Poisoning from the Machine John Sylvan and Peter Dragone, former college roommates began inventing a machine that they hoped would live up to its name—excellent. “Keurig” is excellence in Dutch and that was exactly what the two men were striving for when they began creating their revolutionary coffee machine in 1992. Sylvan was so interested in being the very best that he ended up getting a nasty case of caffeine poisoning from the machine’s prototype in 1995. He began to complain of a throbbing headache and tunnel vision and was driven...

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Ultimate Guide to Nespresso Coffee Machines

What Came First the Nespresso or the Keurig? The Nespresso Machine and the Keurig probably were prototypes in laboratories at around the same time, but it was the Nespresso that was launched in 1986—giving the espresso market an entirely new and advanced machine for at home use. Before the launch, most people could only enjoy the benefits and deliciousness of an espresso at a coffee shop—but Nespresso claimed to make anyone a skilled barista by doing all the hard work for you. Nespresso is so adamant about having the best coffee that only 1 to 2 percent of coffee...

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