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How to Brew Great Coffee with the Aeropress

Whether you are a coffee addict, or just the casual coffee goer, the Aeropress is a must have item. Efficient but not expensive, the Aeropress offers a cup of coffee that would have even your local coffee shop barista jonesin’ for a taste. A coffee pot is just fine, and obviously more convenient right? Maybe you think, you’re not that kind of coffee drinker that needs all those fancy gadgets. The Aeropress is not only made for everyone, it is a life hack for every kind of coffee drinker. Why the Aeropress is Just About the Best Coffee Hack...

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How to Brew Awesome Coffee with a Moka Pot

Spilling the Beans on Moka Pots If you like a good cup of coffee, nay, if you love a good cup of coffee, then you would have delighted in the many joys of Italian coffee, like a cappuccino and a “caffe” or as we non-Italian folk call it, an espresso. People who partake in coffee occasionally will probably have some kind of espresso machine at home, for entertaining purposes or for a decent cup of coffee every now and then. However, if you know your decaf from your full caf you’ll also know that to get a proper espresso,...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

A super automatic espresso machine is a must have if you want delicious espresso without having to do much work. Semi-automatic and manual espresso machines require you to have some knowledge of steaming, frothing and other aspects of making espresso, while super automatic espresso machines will do everything from grinding the coffee beans to frothing the milk in just under a couple of minutes. Many machines can be programmed so your cup of espresso is waiting for you in the kitchen when you wake up. These features, along with many more, make super automatic espresso machines the top pick...

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How to Make Your Coffee Even Healthier

Lately there has been quite a bit of research and a number of published studies revealing that coffee is not the express way to ill health that most us were under the impression it was. In fact, coffee has some remarkably positive health benefits to it. These include things like warding off depression, protecting against liver disease, providing serious amounts of antioxidants, and speeding up one’s metabolism and fat burning capacity. For coffee lovers this is great news, as knowing that something you enjoy is good for just makes it even more enjoyable. If you are really keen to...

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

While many of us have been guilty enjoying our coffee despite the popular belief that coffee is detrimental to one’s health – studies are now showing that while there are disadvantages to excessive coffee consumption, there are also quite a few health benefits to be enjoyed from moderate consumption! Coffee might not yet be in the Superfood category, but after being the subject of health-related criticism for so long, it sure is great to know that enjoying a moderate amount of brewed coffee can help to avoid a number of diseases and health issues. While caffeine alone holds health...

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